For much of this season of The Bachelorette, Shawn appeared to be upset or conflicted or jealous or angry. But Kaitlyn's new fiancé swears he was actually having fun — viewers just didn't get a chance to see it.

"That was one of the worst things — it brutal watching back!" Shawn told the morning after the finale. "I was happy 97 percent of the time. I got along amazingly [well] with all of the guys in the house with the exception of one. I talk to Ben H. every day, Cupcake every day, Ben Z., Jared ... so that whole jealousy thing made me laugh. [The show] put a lot of focus on the Shawn vs. Nick thing, but honestly most of the time I was talking about Kaitlyn and our relationship."

The Bachelorette's Chris Harrison: I thought all along that Shawn was the right guy for Kaitlyn

Both Shawn and Kaitlyn admit it was tough making it through the season. While Kaitlyn has been open about the hate she's received, Shawn says she was actually the one who helped him see past the negativity. "She helped me just as much, if not more, to get through everything," he said. "We talked every morning, we had our FaceTime sleepovers, we supported each other as best as possible. She's a strong woman — the strongest woman I've ever met!"

Check out the video above for more from Shawn and Kaitlyn, including when Kaitlyn says she knew Shawn was "the guy" and how Shawn has another love in his life — his blow dryer!