In the days leading up to The Bachelorette's finale, Rachel Lindsay was promoting upcoming appearances by her and "Jerome," the code name she was using for her yet-to-be-revealed fiancé. On Monday, Jerome's true identity was revealed to be Bryan Abasolo, the uncomfortably smooth chiropractor from Miami who no one except Rachel and his mother are into.

Most people wanted Rachel to get engaged to Peter Kraus, who also has a gap in his teeth and seemed like a better match (in truth, none of them ultimately seemed like great matches for Rachel, but it already didn't work out with Kevin Durant [allegedly], so she had to settle). But she wanted someone to propose to her, and Peter wasn't ready to take that step. And so Bachelor Nation's Peter partisans took to social media to share their disappointment, confusion and — to use the most prominent word of the finale — frustration with Rachel's choice.

(Don't feel too bad for Peter, though. Peter clearly always wanted to be the Bachelor, and I suspect that's really why Rachel was so frustrated. When she told him this process wasn't right for him, she was telling him "I see what you're doing, and I don't approve. If you can't commit to me, you shouldn't be allowed to go on to the next show and commit to someone else." But Peter is still going to be the Bachelor unless Dean is so amazing on Bachelor in Paradise that he pulls off an upset.)

Here's Your Choice for the Next Bachelor

The reactions boiled down into three categories.



And "hayyyyyy Peter!"

In retrospect, it probably was always going to be Bryan. She gave him the first impression rose on night one, after all. Her feelings for Bryan always seemed genuine. Rachel's taste just isn't America's taste.

In summation:

Bachelor in Paradise premieres Monday, Aug. 14 at 8/7c on ABC.