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The Bachelorette's Rachel & Bryan Reveal Their Surprising Pick for the Next Bachelor

He's not one of the obvious choices

Liam Mathews

During The Bachelorette's finale, Rachel Lindsay told Peter Kraus, her second-place finisher and the obvious frontrunner to be the star of The Bachelor next season, that she doesn't think he's cut out for the franchise.

Rachel and Peter split because Rachel wanted him to propose and he said he wasn't ready. He needed more time to be certain that he wanted to be with her forever before committing to something as serious as getting engaged to be married. This is how normal people behave, but courtship is wildly accelerated on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Rachel's point, which she made on the show and reiterated in an interview with E! News, is that if Peter can't handle the accelerated timeframe then maybe he isn't cut out for The Bachelor.

So if she doesn't think Peter should be the Bachelor, who does she think should get the gig? Maybe her third-place finisher Eric Bigger, who's about as much of a class act as a guy can be in this franchise? Maybe her fourth-place finisher Dean Unglert, who is beloved by Bachelor Nation?

The answer may surprise you: she and her fiancé Bryan Abasolo want Alex Bordyukov, the seventh-place finisher, to be the next rose distributor. In case you don't remember, Alex was the Russian guy with experimental hair.

​Alex Bordyukov, The Bachelorette

Alex Bordyukov, The Bachelorette

Craig Sjodin, ABC

Why Alex? "He's a very smart guy, good-looking, I think he would make the most interesting season," said Bryan. "He's got that quirky personality."

There's no chance it will be Alex. The next lead is almost always chosen from the final four, and Alex barely registered during the season. He's not even doing Bachelor in Paradise. By saying Alex, Bryan and Rachel are excusing themselves from really talking about who should be the next Bachelor. Which is fine! They probably won't watch anyway, especially if it's Peter, who Rachel is clearly still upset with. She doesn't want to see him propose to somebody else when she wanted him to propose to her.