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Who Will Be the Villain of The Bachelorette This Season?

It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it

Liam Mathews

Every season of The Bachelorette (and The Bachelor) needs a villain. It's as important as having a winner. Maybe more important, since the villain will be shouldering the lion's share of the drama. A good villain can turn a ho-hum season into an unforgettable one. But Becca's season has been relatively easygoing so far. Usually a villain will have emerged by the end of the first night, but no one was outright villainous on night one. But there are some clear contenders for the villain title.

The most obvious potential villain is Jordan, the narcissistic male model who described his "brand" as "Pensive Gentleman." Jordan is being positioned as a villain, but he might not actually have the malignant soul of a Chad Johnson or a Bentley Williams. He might just be a weird dude who attracts the wrong kind of attention because of the outrageous stuff he says on camera, which makes him ripe for a villain edit. We'll see as the season goes on what kind of conflicts he gets into. To be a true villain, you have to be manipulative and deceitful, and I get a sense that what you see is what you get with Jordan. The narcissism is definitely off-putting, though.

I suspect that the really infuriating villain will be Lincoln, who seems nice so far but will start causing drama very soon. There's a rumor about Lincoln, you see. Life & Style reports that Lincoln used to poop on the bathroom floor in his office because he thought the toilets were unsanitary. If this is true, it means Lincoln is a maniac with no regard for other people, which producers will prod into outright villainy.

Other potential villains include Chris R., who snitched on Chase and got him sent home, and Leo, who seems like he has a smart mouth that could either get him in trouble or make him a fan favorite.

Garrett has a villainous social media history, but he won't get a villain edit since he got the first rose.

Who do you think you'll love to hate? Vote in our poll below, and also don't forget to vote in our poll predicting the winner.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.