Do you ever find your squad busy on a Monday night so you have to watch The Bachelor and drink your bottle of red wine alone with no one to discuss the myriad of crazy from that night's episode? There's no reason to feel ashamed of this scenario.

Even better, there's no reason to be afraid of it because for the upcoming season there's going to be someone there for you after the roses are handed out, at least for the first five episodes of Season 20.

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That person will be Chris Harrison on the new Bachelor after show, The Bachelor Live. It'll be just like After the Final Rose or After Paradise, but instead we'll delve into each episode of Ben Higgins' journey to find love (or a way to land at least a few People Magazine covers)

ABC announced that Harrison will be hosting the after show along with contestants and celebrity fans of the show, breaking down the events of the episode and giving exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at all the drama.

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The after show is produced by Embassy Raw, the same masterminds behind Watch What Happens Live, Talking Dead, and After Paradise.

So keep that bottle of Merlot ready to pour because The Bachelor Live premieres on Monday, Jan. 4 at 10/9c on ABC, after Season 20 premieres and will continue for four weeks after each broadcast episode.

Are you psyched for yet another Bachelor show?

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