Welcome to Episode 12 of A Beautiful Podcast to Fall in Love, TV Guide's unofficial Bachelor Nation show. This week, former The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise cast member Jacqueline Trumbull and TV Guide associate editor Liam Mathews break down Part 1 of the finale of Colton Underwood's season.

Topics discussed include Colton's weird haircut; how The Bachelor getting better at producing lasting relationships seems directly proportional to it being more honest about the fact that it's a TV show, because both things are about being real (executive producers Elan Gale and Bennett Graebner could be spotted in the background of this episode for the first time ever); Tayshia's kindness while Colton was breaking up with her; Hannah G. talking more than she has all season and saying emotionally honest stuff. She didn't put a happy face on getting unexpectedly dumped, you know? There's also even more Game of Thrones talk than usual. Also, check out TV Guide's hilarious and viscerally disturbing Bachelor ASMR video.

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