Half of the initial 30 women on this season of The Bachelor are gone. Of the remaining 15, we have a pretty good idea of who Nick Viall likes enough to send to the final four.

There's Rachel, who got the first impression rose in the premiere and the group date rose in Episode 3 — and who we know is already in, since she was shown in the season preview toasting with Nick in Finland, which will be this season's final location.

There's Vanessa, whom he kissed moments after she tossed her cookies. (If that's not love, I don't know what is.)

And of course there's Corinne, whom everyone except Nick (and Chris Harrison) hates but seems likely to go far thanks to Nick's irrepressible horniness.

But there are always variables and things we haven't seen yet that can change a seemingly foregone outcome. Maybe Taylor will convince Nick of Corinne's immaturity on their two-on-one date next week and he'll send Corinne home to her nanny. Maybe somebody we haven't seen much of yet will blow us away on her one-on-one date. Maybe something dark from Vanessa's past will come up and Nick will decide it's a dealbreaker.

Jaimi, Josephine, Astrid and Kristina, <em>The Bachelor</em>Jaimi, Josephine, Astrid and Kristina, The Bachelor

Making it to the final four is important, because traditionally the next Bachelorette is chosen from those contenders.

Who do you think is gonna make it? Bonus points if you tell us who you think will be getting the fantasy suite dates in the comments. Check back after Monday's episode for the results.