Monday's episode of The Bachelor was dominated by two controversial women: Liz, who had a one-night-stand with Nick Viall months before either of them knew they'd be on the show, and finally talked to Nick about it; and Corinne, who's making enemies among the other contestants with her brazenly sexual behavior.

Nick sent Liz home on Monday's (Jan. 9) episode after an excruciatingly awkward conversation about their history together and her motives for being on the show. So when caught up with Nick Viall and host Chris Harrison on the red carpet at ABC's TCA presentation Tuesday, we had to find out why Nick kept Liz around as long as he did

"As far as Liz, [she's a] great woman," Viall said, "But I think it was best for both of us that we said goodbye. And I think she'll be okay. I know she will. And hopefully things work out for me."

Nick Viall and Liz, <em>The Bachelor</em>Nick Viall and Liz, The Bachelor

He explained why he didn't send her home night one, saying "I've been in her situation before. I know how nerve-wracking it is to be a part of night one. And while her answers night one didn't make a lot of sense, unfortunately we didn't have a chance to finish that conversation. And so I feel like I at least owed it to her to give her a rose. If nothing else, we had a chance to finish that conversation. And once we did, unfortunately, it didn't go much better than the first time, and I thought it was best that we said our goodbyes."

"Here's the thing — that was bound to boil over," added Chris Harrison. "I think Nick was a little bit upset that he trusted her, gave her an opportunity, and she kind of blew things up on him and now he's having to deal with the ramifications of that" — that is, having to explain to a house full of angry women that he already slept with one of them. "But the old saying of 'you made your bed, now you gotta lay in it' is very apropos."

Nick Viall and Corinne, <em>The Bachelor</em>Nick Viall and Corinne, The Bachelor

And as for Corinne, who got the group date rose after she took her bikini top off and had Nick cup her breasts during a photo shoot, Nick was aware that choosing her might not go over well, but he was okay with that. Corinne is much more popular with the men of The Bachelor than the women.

"I love Corinne," Harrison said. "I know some people might be going crazy about her, but there's something very endearing I find about her brashness [and] honesty. Her nanny, I want one. I don't know how as an adult you have a nanny that'll serve you cold cucumbers, but I want that. I need that in my life."

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.