Get ready for everything to start coming up roses when The Bachelor returns for Season 22 on New Year's Day.

This time around 29 women will vie for Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s heart, and ABC has now released some glorious new details about each of them. As expected, they are of course an eclectic bunch, but we're also starting to notice some themes. Let's take a closer look.

<em>The Bachelor</em>The Bachelor

1. They've got Disney princess envy
The House of Mouse is going to be popular with the Bachelor ladies this time around. Annaliese said that if she had to choose any fictional character to become the choice would be simple: "Any Disney character that has a happily ever after with a prince." And Amber echoed that gushy sentiment, choosing "Ariel because she's a beautiful mermaid that can sing and gets to marry Prince Eric, what a stud." Meanwhile, Lauren B. is also interested in transforming into 2-D animation because she really wants to be Elsa. (GIRL. Let it go.) But there's at least one contestant with a Disney Princess fetish that won't make you barf. Nysha said she wants to be one too, but she picks Mulan instead of the other romance-oriented ladies because "she pretended to be a man and went to war. How badass is that?" Sold.

2. Hand and foot-centric tattoos are in
While lower back tats may have been the wave of the early aughts, for many of these women, ink is best left to the extremities. Annaliese, Becca K., Bekah M., Bibiana, Brittane J., Chelsea, Jacqueline, Lauren G., Nysha, and Tia all boast tattoos in their hand or foot regions, which means that unless they all invest in coverall, we're going to be seeing a lot of artwork on obvious display this season.

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3. They aren't afraid to talk politics
It's 2017 so the old rules about where and when political conversations are polite might be out for good. And some of these ladies don't seem like they'd mind a casual chat about the modern malaise, as they'd happily choose to dine with their favorite politicians. Brianna would most like to lunch with former President Barack Obama; Brittany T. would be with her, as in Hillary Clinton; and Brittane J. wants to feel the bern with Bernie Sanders.

4. They love Wonder Woman
It's been a big year for Diana Prince, and these Bachelor contestants have taken notice just like everyone else. In fact, when asked which fictional character they'd like to be, both Ali and Caroline chose the Amazonian heroine. "She has it all: strength, class, beauty and confidence!" Ali said.

5. People dream of swimming around all day
The sea life is ideal for a couple of these ladies. Bibiana would want to be "a free orca," if she weren't human, and Lauren S. would opt to become an otter for similar reasons: "Everyone loves you and you just swim around and cuddle all day. Goals."

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6. Jacqueline is going to be the smart one
She's 26 and she's already in pursuit of a Ph.D and seems to have her priorities in line to boot. There's a reason she's got so much hair, y'all: it's covering all the braiiiins.

7. Jenna wants to be a fruit--and it kind of makes sense
Some of the contestants were asked which fictional character they wanted to be, which was simple enough... but others? Well, they got hosed by having to choose which fruit or vegetable they'd like to live out their days (literally, days) as. But our new pal Jenna proved to be pretty witty with her response by saying, "I would be a pineapple, standing tall, wearing a crown and sweet on the inside." If she came up with that just on the spot like that, sloooow clap. Runner up in the great food analogy department was Olivia, who chose to be a raspberry in her edible life "because sometimes they are sweet and other times a bit tart."

8. Krystal's pretty behind on her colloqualisms
When asked how good she is at cooking, Krystal's answer was "" How very 2011 of her.

9. There are four Laurens (again)
This is going to get confusing really quickly, but the weirdest thing is, this isn't even the first time there have been four Laurens in a single season. WHAT IS WITH THE LAURENS?

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10. Valerie's, uh, gonna be interesting
Ding ding ding! It appears that sometimes life does save the best for last, because Valerie, our alphabetical caboose, is far and away the quirkiest of the bunch, judging by her bio. She claims to have a whopping 50 Halloween costumes on reserve (she's only lived through half that many Halloweens so far, so WTH?). She's deathly afraid of the ocean because she's sure she'll get eaten (okay, that's actually fair), and she basically just wants to party and make duck-face selfies all weekend long when she's not working. Here's our resident handful, right here!

The Bachelor premieres Monday, Jan. 1 at 8/7c on ABC.