Bekah was eliminated from The Bachelor during Monday night's episode, but that's not really the big story around Bekah. The most interesting thing about Bekah right now is that until very recently she was officially a missing person in Humboldt County, California. So on Monday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel got to the bottom of what happened after Bekah went to the weed farm.

Although many assumed that when Bekah was missing, she had simply been filming The Bachelor, the reality star started out by clarifying that she only went "missing" after she was already off the show. Her mom, who filed the report, knew she was on The Bachelor and Bekah never lied about where she was.

What happened was after she got home from The Bachelor, Bekah went up to visit her friends in "the mountains" for a few weeks. She told her mother that she'd have cell service, but when she got there, she didn't. After about a week, she got a weird feeling and was like "I need to go home now." So she drove to where she had service and called her parents. Her mother had reported her missing 12 hours before.

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Then Jimmy Kimmel went detective on her, calling her out for saying "the mountains" when she was reportedly on a marijuana farm. And yes, Bekah admitted she was on a marijuana farm. She just didn't want to say that because she still works with kids.

"To set the record straight, I'm not a weed farmer, I'm still a nanny in LA," she said. "But yes, my friends have a weed farm up in Humboldt County."

There's still a missing piece in this story to me — how come no one called the Humboldt County Sheriff's Department and told them that Bekah wasn't missing? Likely, Bekah's mother was so relieved that she forgot and Bekah was too gone off that loud to remember much of anything.

UPDATE: Bekah went on the Bachelor Party podcast and told the full, in-depth story of how she went missing. It involves a tall tale about meth heads with knives. She explained that the reason she didn't get taken off the missing persons list is because the police department didn't check their voicemail. It's nuts. Listen to it here.

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