On Monday's episode of The Bachelor, semi-boring Arie Luyendyk Jr. did something really interesting. He was on a boring one-on-one date with the frustratingly taciturn Lauren B., who seems to have the emotional range of a Crest whitestrip. She was barely talking to him until out of nowhere she told him she was falling in love with him. In response, he made this face...

...and then he got up and walked away! Where did he go? Everyone on Twitter had very similar ideas.

He really did go into the forest! He went all Man of the Woods to be alone with his thoughts. Or was he doing something else?

Here's a very interesting theory from Taylor Nolan, who was on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise and therefore might know about how these things work.

When he came back, he dropped a big ol' twisty bomb: he's falling in love with Lauren, too! Buddy, you still have three other girls left! If you had watched Ben Higgins' season, you'd know this is not going to end well. So now we know for certain one of the two women Arie fell in love with.

People were truly baffled by this turn of events.


It was totally bizarre. But maybe that means Arie and Lauren reall are perfect for each other.

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