Every season of The Bachelor needs a villain.

Based on Monday's season premiere, this season's vill is going to be Chelsea, the real estate executive assistant and single mom from Maine who got the first impression rose. She swooped in right after Arie's toast and became the first contestant to talk to him, badmouthed another contestant after she interrupted her and then went back for a second round with Arie. Her aggression was rewarded with the first impression rose, which rankled the other girls. Chelsea is going to be on the defensive, and something tells me that her best defense is a good offense.


We don't know if Chelsea is going to be sticking around for long. A first impression rose does not guarantee Bachelor longevity. Chelsea may get sent packing next week, in which case a new villain would have to emerge.

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So if it's not Chelsea, who else might be the villain of Arie's season? Will Bekah, the fan favorite after the first night, do something that causes us to turn on her? Is Krystal's grateful yoga teacher act insincere? Will Maquel start spreading rumors about someone having bad breath? We'll see!

Vote for who you think is going to bring the drama this season below.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.