Patrick Macnee, <em>The Avengers</em> Patrick Macnee, The Avengers

Patrick Macnee, who starred on the British series The Avengers, died on Thursday at the age of 93, his son Rupert confirmed on Macnee's website. The actor died of natural causes at his Rancho Mirage, Calif., home surrounded by his family.

Macnee is best known for playing the umbrella-wielding spy John Steed on The Avengers from 1961 until 1969, and later reprised the role in the '70s.

"Patrick Macnee was a popular figure in the television industry," a statement on his website reads. "He was at home wherever in the world he found himself. He had a knack for making friends, and keeping them. Wherever he went, he left behind a trove of memories and good wishes."

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Macnee also appeared in Battlestar Galactica, Frasier, This Is Spinal Tap and A View to Kill.

He is survived by his son Rupert, daughter Jenny, and a grandson.