The Americans isn't exactly a show that gives you the warm fuzzies after watching it, what with its interfamily and national treachery, amateur dentistry, chemical warfare and neck snapping happening on a weekly basis. But with the end of the acclaimed FX series coming up, there's an opportunity for the Jennings to part ways on a positive note.

But is that what the cast wants? Depends who you ask.

Holly Taylor, who plays spy-in-training daughter Paige Jennings, understands that the show is probably going to end on a bad note but is rooting for some sunshine.

"The Americans has been such a depressing show from the beginning, that it would only be right to have a tragic ending, but you never know," Taylor told TV Guide at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. "It would be nice to see Elizabeth and Philip finally have a happy ending after struggling for so many years, and Paige to finally be happy after we've literally called her Sad Paige around set for so long."

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On the other side, you have Matthew Rhys, who plays Philip, who just wants everything to burn down. "I was hoping for a shootout," Rhys said. "And multiple deaths."

"You're still hoping for it," Keri Russell, who plays Rhys' on-screen wife, interjected.

"But sadly they've told me there won't be any explosions," Rhys continued. "Only emotional ones."

Keidrich Sellati, who plays youngest Jennings family member Henry, wants blood.

"I would love a shootout, shootouts are cool to watch," Sellati said. "But, storywise, I would like it to be a happy ending. But watching-wise, it would be so cool to see people shooting at each other and die."

Like TV father, like TV son!

The Americans returns for its sixth and final season Wednesday, Mar. 28 at 10/9c on FX.

Matthew Rhys, Keri Russell; The AmericansMatthew Rhys, Keri Russell; The Americans