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The Affair: Who Killed Scotty (and Why You Shouldn't Care)?

Get ready for Season 3

Megan Vick

The Affair Season 2 finally reveals who killed Scotty Lockhart (Colin Donnell). Helen (Maura Tierney) ran over the troubled son of Montauk during a drunken drive with Noah (Dominic West).

Alison (Ruth Wilson) revealed that Noah might not be Joanie's father, sending him into an egocentric rage that put him in the company of his ex-wife and a bottle of champagne. After a near-skinny dip in the ocean, they made their way home, but Helen was too busy jamming out to the radio to see Scotty in the middle of the road. Noah has been covering for her ever since.

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Who killed Scotty turned out to be secondary to the journey to his death though. Everyone at Cole's (Joshua Jackson) wedding had a reason for wanting the younger Lockhart dead. Helen hit Scotty, but Alison pushed him in front of her car. Noah has been covering for her too.

In the last few seconds of the finale, Noah stood up in court and took the blame for the whole thing.

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The show's first season showed the disintegration of two marriages, but the second told us that you can't outrun your personal demons. Noah and Alison gravitated toward each other to escape themselves - and for a while that's exactly what their affair allowed them to do.

Then in Season 2, they stagnated. In fact, it was Cole and Helen who were able to move on with new, better relationships. Then Scotty died.

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His death not only kept these four people tethered to each other, but prevented them from moving forward. Noah is a best-selling author, but he's still bound by the obligations of his personal relationships with both Helen and Alison. Alison blew up her entire life in a desperate attempt to leave Montauk, only to find herself managing the restaurant where she used to waitress and unable to extricate herself from the Lockharts' lives. Helen attempted to let go, but now that Noah is taking a murder wrap for her, they're stuck together. Cole has a new wife, but he's still mourning his child (and still doesn't know about his other kid).

So what's next? As always, we're less interested in where the cycle ends, but whether anyone in this group can break it.

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