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The Affair Season 3 Trailer Looks Very Juicy Indeed

Somehow, some way, things are getting even crazier

Lily Sparks

The Affairhas just released a teaser trailer for Season 3 titled "A Bad Person."

Fans know that title could easily refer to any of the characters in the original Showtime drama (which is essentially the world's highest-production soap opera that we can't stop watching) especially the two awful, selfish, sexed-up leads.

After Season 2 left us with Noah (Dominic West) confessing to a crime he didn't commit in order to protect his ex-wife Helen (Maura Tierney), Season 3 will pick up three years later, but will no doubt play with time. The trailer shows Noah loping through jail with a black eye, suggesting he'll see the inside of a cell and the business end of some fists.

The trailer also suggests an estrangement between the couple who launched all this drama in the first place, Alison (Ruth Wilson) and Noah. Alison is shown back in Montauk, and we hear her being accused of abandoning her daughter, who was an infant at the end of Season 2.

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Now apparently that baby has been aged up to four or five, and apparently living with her biological father Cole (Joshua Jackson) and his new wife. Noah uses the phrase "since I got out," meaning, presumably, out of jail, suggesting he went through with his false confession and actually served a prison term for a crime he didn't commit. But was it the full term or did he get out early on parole?


Dominic West and Ruth Wilson, The Affair

Mark Schafer/SHOWTIME

Also, Noah appears to be living on his own, experimenting with various lengths of facial hair, still playing games with Alison, and rejecting his Helen as harshly and summarily as ever. Never change, Noah!

The Affair returns Sunday, Nov. 20 at 10/9c on Showtime.
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