If there's any show that's been unafraid to take out its characters for the sake of drama, it's The 100. So, in anticipation of the forthcoming fifth season of The CW series, TV Guide chatted up the (remaining) cast of the show to find out who they predict will kick the bucket next season. Their answers might surprise you.

According to Eliza Taylor, who plays Clarke in the show, we should probably look upward for where the next ax will fall. She said, "The thing I know the littlest about is people in the bunker. And actually I really don't know that much about people in space. So, it could be someone from either one of those that would go, I think."

Meanwhile, Christopher Larkin, who plays Monty, thinks that Richard Harmon's John Murphy might be prime for elimination time, given some long-lingering resentment between himself and Devon Bostick's Jasper. "It's time. I know they had a little bit of a scene last finale, but you know what? I think he's still gunning for him trying to kill Jasper," he explained. "There's still a little bit of a resentment in his heart."

Marie Avgeropoulos expects we won't see much of Octavia's horse in the future — well, "unless Helios came in the bunker." "I've been wondering," she said. "I liked riding that horse!"

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Last but certainly not least, Lindsey Morgan was more than happy to point the finger at herself and her own character Raven as a potential must-cut for the new season because she thinks her absence might just stir things up with the remainders a bit. "It would be quite the challenge to live without Raven so it might be interesting," she said. Talk about committing to the cause!

As we start to find out more and more about what's going on with that prison spaceship that just landed with so many slumbering Earthlings unaware of what's happened in the past 100 years, chances are, all predictions are gonna go right out the window.

The 100 is scheduled to return in 2018 to The CW.