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The 100 Season 7: Who Will Die In the Final Season?

Whose fight will be over?

Lindsay MacDonald

The 100's seventh and final season is more than halfway through, and honestly, we're kind of surprised most of the major characters have survived this long. That doesn't, however, mean anyone is safe at this point. The stakes are higher than ever, and while some of our faves may get happy endings (or as close to that as you can get on The 100) we're almost certainly going to have to watch some of our heroes die.

The 100 has never shied away from killing its darlings, but there were always a few characters we were absolutely sure would make it out alive because of how important they were to the story. All bets are off in final seasons though, meaning even the most important characters are no longer safe.

Here are our best guesses at which characters are mostly likely to kick the bucket before all is said and done.

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John Murphy

Richard Harmon, The 100

Richard Harmon, The 100


Normally, we'd say Murphy ( Richard Harmon) is too much of a fan-favorite to get killed off, but this season we're not so sure. Over the course of the series, he's established himself as the survivor among the group, somehow able to escape every scrape and stay alive against all odds. They even nicknamed him the cockroach! There's really no better way to convey how serious the stakes are this time around than killing off the one character we most associate with the will to survive. Plus, in Season 7, he's shown real growth, willing to put his own survival at risk in order to protect others, which makes us even more worried. That's exactly the kind of "redemption arc" we'd expect Murphy to get before the show killed him off.

Bellamy Blake

Bob Morley, The 100

Bob Morley, The 100


Look, we all know The 100 loves nothing more than emotionally devastating Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor), and killing Bellamy (Bob Morley) would absolutely do that. Not to mention, Bellamy has made some questionable choices lately, turning on his friends and devoting himself to the Disciples instead of his family. Though we already got one fake out with Bellamy's death this season, that doesn't mean we won't get an actual death for him as we near the end of the series. Let's just hope if it does happen, it's in service of the people he loves rather than his new cult. It would break our hearts, but it would also be a fitting ending for the guy who started the show as a selfish kid, to go out as a hero who sacrificed himself for the greater good.


Tasya Teles, The 100

Tasya Teles, The 100


Ever since we met Echo (Tasya Teles), it's felt like she was living on borrowed time. She's always the first person to throw herself in the fray or sign up for a dangerous suicide mission. That kind of behavior is risky on a good day for The 100, let alone during the final season! And now that Bellamy has turned on her, she no longer has a person to keep surviving for, making her loose cannon behavior even more dangerous. Unless Echo starts playing it safe (and let's be real, pigs will fly before that ever happens), she's probably going to find herself in a life or death situation she won't walk away from.

Octavia Blake

Marie Avgeropoulos, The 100

Marie Avgeropoulos, The 100


Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) has gone through a very real and rewarding redemption arc in Season 7 thanks to her adopted daughter, Hope (Shelby Flannery). While we always expected Octavia to go out in a bloody battle for power, now we're thinking she might end up sacrificing her life to save her daughter. That would be absolutely crushing for Hope, who already lost her biological mom, but we have to consider it a possibility since happy endings aren't exactly what The 100 is known for.

Clarke Griffin

Eliza Taylor, The 100

Eliza Taylor, The 100


Last, but not least, Clarke Griffin. It's all the rage these days for TV series to kill off their main characters in the final season of the show, and we're terrified that's the fate that awaits Clarke. She's struggled through so much and fought so hard for a peaceful life, but something always turns her world upside down every time she thinks she's done with the violence, death, and loss. Death might be the only way for her fight to truly be over.

The 100 Season 7 premieres May 20 at 8/7c on The CW.