Even though Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Madi (Lola Flanery) spent a large portion of The 100's fifth season butting heads over Madi's role as Commander, Season 6 will find Clarke having a change of heart.

"Madi made her choice to keep the Flame in, to be the Commander and with great power comes great responsibility, and I think Clarke has embraced it," creator Jason Rothenberg tells TV Guide.

But just because Clarke has embraced Madi's role as Heda doesn't mean it will necessarily be easy for her to adjust to this new normal — particularly given that they're now heading to a brand-new planet where the definition of normal is a far cry from what they're used to.

"It's interesting because being on this new planet, you want to know whether or not does it mean as much, being the commander, or does she get to be a kid again?" Taylor explains. "So you'll get to see a bit of a struggle between them. Clarke's trying to let her go but she's also trying to be a responsible mom figure."

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No matter what Clarke does, though, it will ultimately be up to Madi and Madi alone to prove herself as worthy of the Flame, and that's something that we'll explore from the young commander's perspective this season. "It's her choice and she needs to deserve it, she needs to earn it," Rothenberg says.

Of course, with most of the crew remaining in cryo-sleep for the early part of the season, it will be a while before Madi can prove herself to her people. But maybe time is just what Madi and Clarke both need.

The 100 returns midseason on The CW.

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