While Clarke/Josephine (Eliza Taylor) and Bellamy (Bob Morley) have been busy with mind drives and body-snatching on this season of The 100, Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) has been on a completely bonkers journey of her own in the woods surrounding Sanctum.

After venturing into the dreaded Anomaly that no one has quite explained yet, the degeneration of Octavia's hand (and mind) was miraculously and mysteriously healed. Diyoza's (Ivana Milicevic) fate might still be a mystery, but surely the fact that Octavia returned from that green, glowing cloud means she can finally give us some answers, right? Wrong.

In this exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday's episode, "What You Take With You," it seems Octavia can't remember a thing about what happened inside the Anomaly, which is bad news for Gabriel (Chuku Modu). He's been waiting 150 years for answers, after all, and he's just as desperate for answers as we are. Whatever his solution is for jogging her memory, we hope it works, because not knowing what this Anomaly actually is has made this season of The 100 one of the most mysterious to date.

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The 100 airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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Marie Avgeropoulos, <em>The 100</em>Marie Avgeropoulos, The 100