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Shippers stand down. The 100 creator Jason Rothenberg promises that fans won't be divided by any love triangles in Season 5.

"I really don't like love triangles," Rothenberg told us, noting that the Finn-Clarke-Raven drama from Season 1 was the most the series will ever delve into triangle territory.

But just because there won't be a classic love triangle doesn't mean fans shouldn't expect any major romantic shake-ups. Picking up after a six-year time jump, Season 5 will find many of our favorite characters in drastically different places. Some relationships have strengthened and evolved, while others may be irreparably damaged.

The 100's Bob Morley Teases What to Expect of Bellamy and Clarke's Emotional Reunion

How these new relationships will fare once everyone is reunited again is where the real fun will begin though. So while Bellarke and Becho fans can rest easy knowing they won't be subjected to any sort of love triangle, everyone should remain on their toes because it's a whole new world in Season 5.

The 100 returns Tuesday, April 24 at 9/8c on The CW.

Additional reporting by Lindsay Macdonald

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