On The 100, dramatic separations and heart-wrenching reunions have become the norm. And given that our favorites are separated by tons of rubble and miles and miles of outer space, we know there are plenty of epic reunions to look forward to when The CW drama returns. That said, there's no question which reunion we're anticipating the most.

Although it's been less than a year since viewers saw them together, when Season 5 picks up, it will have been six long years since Bellamy (Bob Morley) and Clarke (Eliza Taylor) last said goodbye. A lot has happened since then — including Clarke adopting a young Nightblood child Madi (Lola Flanery) — but that won't make their eventual reunion any less impactful, especially given that Bellamy has believed Clarke to be dead this entire time.

"It's really powerful and surprising the way it plays out," creator Jason Rothenberg tells TV Guide. "He doesn't find out she's alive from [Clarke] or from the reunion moment. Who tells him is kind of a cool reveal [and] surprise too. But it blows his mind. They've all sort of internalized the fact that she died to save them and there's talk of her in space before they come down, so it's a huge shock to them, for sure, and it changes a lot of things."

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This belief that Clarke sacrificed her life to save theirs becomes a driving factor for Bellamy to ensure that Clarke didn't die in vain. And with no war or brutal conflict to distract him, Bellamy has worked tirelessly during those six years on the ring to become the person he thinks Clarke would have wanted him to be.

"Clarke says to him at the end of [Season 4] that he has to use his head and his heart and I think he's really taken that on board and applying that," Morley explains. "[This mentality has] really forced him to become much more level-headed and understanding of other people. So in that respect, thinking that she has died has made him a much more grounded and level-headed person."

Clarke will also have undergone some major changes by the time she reunites with Bellamy on the ground. Having struggled to stay alive in the immediate weeks after Praimfaya, nearly giving up in the process, Clarke will have found her salvation in the last green valley on Earth and, more importantly, in raising Madi.

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"Even from the trailers that we've seen, Clarke's changed quite a lot because of Madi," Morley says. "That element of Clarke becoming a surrogate mother will change her mentality towards the way she approaches things, so I think that dynamic between Bellamy and Clarke, I think that's going to be the factor that changes the way they interact."

Hopefully Bellamy and Clarke won't have changed too much before their eventual reunion though. Their friendship has always been the heart of the series and we're betting they'll need to rely on each other a lot if they have any hope of defeating the ruthless Eligius prisoners who are out to take over Eden.

The 100 returns Tuesday, April 24 at 9/8c on The CW.

Additional reporting by Lindsay Macdonald

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