The end is nigh on The 100 and the people of Earth need a strong leader to help them face the apocalypse. But is Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) that leader? It seems as though the champion isn't so sure...

After winning the conclave, Octavia became the champion not just for Skaikru, but for everyone, which means she's the one who has to make the tough decisions this time around — even if it means hurting her own people.

In this exclusive sneak peek of Wednesday's episode, Indra (Adina Porter) warns Octavia that if Skaikru can't decide which 100 people will get to stay in the bunker, things will only get worse for everyone. "You gave your terms. There is no going back. I know this is hard, but you're the champion, Octavia," Indra pleads, but Octavia isn't exactly convinced.

"I'm no champion, Indra," she admits. "I hid. Ilian helped me. Roan helped me. I didn't do this on my own."

But while Octavia can't see her own strength in this moment, she's fortunate enough to have Indra by her side to remind her that no leader does anything on their own. We only hope that Octavia listens to Indra's sage advice.

The 100 airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on the CW.

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