[Spoilers for the most recent episode of The 100 beyond this point. Read at your own risk!]

There is a lot to unpack in Wednesday's episode of The 100. There's the doomsday cult. There's the dead fish. There's the fact that Luna's nightblood could be the key to saving humanity. Oh, and then there's also that teeny, weeny reveal that Indra (Adina Porter) has a daughter!!!

When Roan (Zach McGowan) sent Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) on a mission to reclaim the stolen Flame, she was shocked to discover that the person who took it was none other than Indra's young flamekeeper daughter Gaia (Tati Gabrielle). In order to save her from fatal punishment, Octavia, Indra and Gaia came up with a plan: They allowed Ilian and his crew of looters to think that they destroyed the Flame. Then Octavia presented a random man's head to Roan, claiming he was the thief who stole it in the first place.

But just because they might have saved Gaia's life, doesn't mean there won't be consequences for what they've done. To learn about what that fallout will look like, Avgeropoulos spoke to TVGuide.com about what happens next.

How does the alleged destruction of the Flame affect the political climate in Polis?
Marie Avgeropoulos:
That's a really good question. As soon as people realize the Flame is destroyed and/or stolen, it almost sends the peace of Polis into a complete frenzy. So it's really exciting to see how people are going to maintain order after the Flame is either stolen or destroyed.

With the Flame allegedly destroyed, Roan's grip on power is more tenuous than ever. How far is Octavia willing to go to keep Roan in power?
Octavia doesn't really have any boundaries. She's such an unpredictable character, which is so much fun to play. So even if it's completely risky and unorthodox, she will find a way to get the job done.

Why is she so willing to fight for Roan. Is it purely a tactical alliance, or is there any genuine friendship or affection there?
At first I think the friendship between Octavia and Roan is strictly business. There's no trust there. She does realize that through their relationship and using her skill set, she can find a way to really protect her people and keep the peace for now.

I was so thrilled when we learned Indra has a daughter. How the introduction of Gaia affect Octavia and Indra's relationship?
Indra is almost like Octavia's non-biological mother. On top of Indra teaching Octavia to fight - and now she can use that skill set on her own to protect herself and her people - they also have this caring, mother-daughter relationship as well. So when Gaia discovers their close-knit relationship, Gaia becomes almost jealous about that. There's tension and animosity between the two characters and the way it unfolds is pretty interesting.

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When it comes to what to do with the Flame next, what will the discussions between Octavia, Indra and Gaia look like?
Gaia has a completely different belief system about the Flame and her religious routine than Indra does. They have completely different opinions on it, so it's really interesting to see how they meet in the middle with agreeing about what to do with the Flame.

Octavia protected Gaia because she respected the importance of family. As she gets more involved with Gaia and Indra's family dynamic, will that help her come to terms with Bellamy (Bob Morley) and move her closer towards acceptance?
Avgeropoulos: Yeah, definitely. There's such misunderstanding between Indra and Gaia and the audience will learn why, as they look into their past, and why they are so distant from one another. And if anybody really understands family and how heartbreaking it can be when you're on opposing sides, that's Octavia. So Octavia does whatever she can to bring Indra and Gaia together, even if it's just baby steps.

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