Octavia Blake (Marie Avgeropoulos) has lived a rough life — and it's not going to get any easier.

After living under the floor, being sent to Earth to die, surviving numerous wars and losing her one true love, it's no wonder Octavia is in a really dark place in The 100's fourth season. Now a ruthless assassin, Octavia has shut off her emotions and doesn't seem bothered by much (not even the impending nuclear apocalypse).

But over the course of the season, Octavia will begin to rediscover the parts of herself that she's been trying to ignore, enter into a new romance and reconnect with her brother Bellamy (Bob Morley).

To learn more about what's next for Octavia, check out our interview with Avgeropoulos below.

Octavia is currently a woman in between worlds, with no clan to call her own. What are the psychological and emotional repercussions of that?
Marie Avgeropoulos:
Octavia's always been the girl who really has no identity. And through Lincoln and discovering the Grounders, she really found out who she was and became confident in making her own decisions. She has proven to everyone where her loyalties lies and she's willing to do almost anything, even if it comes down to lethal force, to do what she really believes in.

Where would you say Octavia's loyalties lie?

Avgeropoulos: Octavia, this season, uses her skill set to fight not just for a specific tribe or clan or crew. This season, you're going to see Octavia really stand up for what she believes in in a very honorable way.

Octavia is running away from her emotions by throwing herself, full force, into this assassin lifestyle. How long can she keep that up and what will her breaking point look like?
Octavia is definitely using her skill set, which is the kill or be killed mindset, to get over the grief of Lincoln. But we all know if you keep bottling things up there will be a tension point where it explodes. And you will see that towards the end of the season.

Do you think Octavia will ever feel like she has a real home and people can rely on again?
Octavia has such trust issues with pretty much everybody. And that trust with Bellamy was broken last season again because she does hold him slightly responsible for Lincoln's death. Whether or not that's actually true, Octavia definitely believes that inside her heart. I don't think Octavia will ever feel like she has a home. The only place she did really feel at home was with Lincoln. And now that that's gone, it's sent her into a really dangerous spiral.

Where is Octavia's head at when it comes to her relationship with Bellamy right now, and what will their relationship look at as the season progresses?
Her and Bellamy have always been on opposing sides, but this season there's a really interesting twist in the story where that friendship and that trust between the two siblings, who are always at rivalry, come together. The way it happens is really going to surprise the audience. It is in a very action-packed way where Octavia gets to do what's best for her people as well.

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Lincoln and Octavia did have such a special relationship. But now that he's gone and some time has passed, will romance become a part of Octavia's life again this season?
Octavia does have a very complicated romance with a character on the show this season. Nobody will ever replace Lincoln. That was her one authentic love. But you will see Octavia come together with somebody on this show. She's too damaged to quite let him all the way into her heart, but she tries for a second. She's still not very willing or able to let all her damage go.

How does Octavia feel knowing the radiation is approaching, and how is she handling that knowledge?
I feel like everybody on the show, since it's always such dark subject matter, knows how to not crack under pressure. Octavia tries to quickly troubleshoot the problem and figure out the best way to save her people. I don't think space is an option for her. Space wasn't a very positive place for her up there and I think that's the last place on her she wants to go — is [where she'd] feel trapped. So she's going to have to come up with a Plan B. We'll see what that is towards the end of the season.

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