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The 100: Echo Is the "Last Person On Earth" Octavia Wants as a Sister-In-Law

Wow, shots fired.

Lindsay MacDonald

War is coming to The 100, and at this point it's impossible to tell if Octavia's (Marie Avgeropoulos) fanatical army or Diyoza's (Ivana Milicevic) hardened prisoners will end up victorious.

Both Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Bellamy (Bob Morley) have had reservations about working with this new, hardened version of Octavia, but they've also both admitted that the group of survivors she's built is strong enough to take on anything. Unfortunately, anything could include Bellamy if he speaks out against Wonkru again, and it definitely includes Echo (Tasya Teles), who finally came face to face with Octavia again.

Will their bad blood ruin the Blake family forever? TV Guide spoke to Marie Averopoulos about which tensions will run high and which alliances will be tested this season on The 100.

Octavia had a really touching moment with Indra (Adina Porter) last episode, what exactly did that "I love you" mean to both of them?
Marie Avgeropoulos: Octavia and Indra's relationship has obviously changed a lot over the last six years, and throughout the season we'll give a lot of history on how they got to this place. There's still a huge amount of respect that Octavia has for Indra that will never go away. Indra was her teacher and in many ways her mother, and Octavia will never ever forget that. That relationship has changed and morphed just like it has with the other characters. It was very impactful when Indra said, "I love you," after [Octavia] declares that age old line that love is weakness that Indra actually said to her a few seasons ago. It's interesting to see how that coin has now flipped. It's not surprising that Octavia now believes that love is weakness. That philosophy is so true to her heart since everyone she's ever loved - almost, excluding Bellamy - her mother and Lincoln (Ricky Whittle), they've all died. That's definitely contributed to the hardness of Blodreina that we know now in Season 5.

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Do you think she'd really ever choose Wonkru over Bellamy?
Avgeropoulos: Wonkru rules are interesting because Wonkru and the rules that were made in the bunker over the past six years were basically explaining to everyone as an example that everyone has to abide by the same rule and anyone who doesn't abide by those rules makes Wonkru look weak -- we'll see some flashbacks about the Dark Year, which is a very exciting episode by the way -- so everyone has to play by the same rules in order to keep order. As crazy as that sounds, that was the only way to keep things functioning under the bunker. She's going to keep driving that same message home to make sure that Wonkru and everything we've had to sacrifice and all the trauma that will be depicted throughout the season, throughout the story, make it to Shadow Valley.

What can you tease about Bellamy and Octavia's dynamic moving forward now that she's drawn that line in the sand?
Avgeropoulos: Octavia's reunion with Bellamy was very emotional. You saw a little of the old Octavia in the hub when he came through and burst through the ceiling of the bunker. She can barely see because they haven't seen daylight in six years, and it was almost an angelic vision of her brother. Therefore her heart opened and just for a moment you got to see a brief glimpse of the old Octavia that everyone once knew. But it's become clear to both of them that they're very different people because of what they've been through over the past six years.

Tasya Teles, Marie Avgeropoulos and Bob Morley, The 100

Tasya Teles, Marie Avgeropoulos and Bob Morley, The 100

Michael Courtney, Michael Courtney/ The CW

How will Octavia react to Bellamy's relationship with Echo? Can we expect her to be a little unahppy about that?
Avgeropoulos: Yeah, Octavia sees Bellamy with Echo, the woman who almost took her life, pushed her off a cliff, was banished by Azgeda and put her through so much pain. It doesn't really help that this reveal comes on the heels of what she views as Bellamy positioning himself as an obstacle of her game plan, and therefore a potential enemy of Wonkru. I'm pretty sure she's the last person on Earth she would want to be her sister-in-law. Octavia hangs on to revenge and she has a hard time letting go.

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And how is Octavia going to interact with Madi (Lola Flanery), who is essentially a Skairipa fangirl?
Avgeropoulos: For the first time in a while, Madi sees the girl Octavia used to be, I think. She sees Octavia and not Blodreina, and she worships her. We get to see her shed a little bit of Blodreina for a moment this season, and that could only happen with a child, who only knows about her from bedtime stories and sees the best in people for better or for worse. It's interesting to see the dynamic between Octavia and Madi this season because their relationship is unique, and Octavia treats Madi differently than she typically would other people that could potentially be seen as a threat.

What can you tease about this inevitable clash between Octavia and her army and Diyoza and her prisoners?
Avgeropoulos: Diyoza's a really interesting character, and I'm glad that she shakes things up. She and her people along with Bellamy of course, were key to freeing Wonkru from that bunker. But Diyoza is a major threat. She has superior technology both on her ship and with her weaponry. This is a threat to Wonkru as there's only one survivable, green valley left on Earth. These are two opposing sides and two relentless women, who will definitely clash. It will be very exciting for the fans once that happens.

The 100 airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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