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The 100 Cast Wrap Series Finale Episode With Emotional Goodbye Messages

We're choking up already

Lindsay MacDonald

Saturday marked the final day of filming for The 100, and to say we're emotional about it would be an understatement. As actors wrapped the series finale, which will also be the show's 100th episode, they took the time to share heartfelt messages on social media about filming their final scenes.

The deluge of tear-jerking goodbyes started with Bob Morley, who tweeted, "When something is coming to an end, it can be hard to derive meaning clearly. The why, the message, the lesson? At this point in time can only look back and thank it for the ride. Battered, bruised and somewhat wiser as I human. I am grateful. Be well, be kind."

Lola Flanery, who has played Clarke's surrogate daughter Madi for three seasons now, tweeted before production began, "Tomorrow is the first day of filming for the last EVER episode of The 100 and I am not ok... but it did make me think of my very first day." She attached a photo of herself in character on her first day of filming, and if that doesn't tug at your heartstrings, we don't know what would.

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She also shared a sweet goodbye message on the final day of filming, tweeting, "Today was the last day of filming for @cwthe100 and even tho I didn't work today I went to hang out so I could be with all the amazing cast and crew one last time. They are all my family and I never want to let them go. #The100"

Showrunner Jason Rothenberg tweeted about wrapping a couple of actors who've been on the show since the beginning, saying, "Did series wraps today for 2 OG members of #The100 cast. Both with us since the pilot. So Proud of both actors. Can't tell you who, but every day from now until wrap brings more goodbyes. Very bittersweet."

He also tweeted about the final day of production, writing, "On this, the last ever production day of #The100, I am beyond grateful to our cast, crew & writers. This season had some real challenges, but these amazing people created something special. Our prequel is in the can & our final season launches May 20th. Get ready to go for a ride."

Marie Avgeropoulos, who has played Octavia since the show's pilot, also reflected on her journey with the show the day she began filming the series finale. "My first day shooting the 100th episode of #The100 . Feeling pretty emotional. Octavia will always be a part of me somehow. A forever thanks to all who've given me this opportunity to tell her story, the cast & crew," she wrote.

Luisa D'Oliveira, who plays Emori, wrapped on the final day of shooting for the series finale. She tweeted, "Emori's tattoo and hand came off for the last time. #The100 has been the most formative, emotional experience of my career thus far and I'll be forever grateful to the people that helped bring this gift to my life. Thank you for this special, special time. I love you 100 kru."

Sachin Sahel, who has played Jackson since the pilot, nearly had us sobbing at his beautiful tribute to the character he's played for seven years. "You were the best guy Jackson, all you did was care about people," Sahel wrote in a long post on Instagram, sharing a photo of his trailer door. "I hope I see the world the way you saw it, I hope to unconditionally love and help the people around the way you did, and just so you know bro, the name Abby will never be the same to me ever again."

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Dear Dr. Eric Jackson, This really isn't the sexiest picture buddy, but it's you. Now that this show is officially ending I want you to know, every time I saw this image, I felt this wave of excitement and gratitude that I got to help you live a full life. You were the best guy Jackson, all you did was care about people. You weren't loud like me, you didn't make too many jokes; you were stoic, and smart and I loved that about you. Your memories are as much a part of me as the real memories I have and no matter when, or how you go out this season, I'll never forget the things you taught me over our seven years together, you adorable meerkat. (One hundred and thirtyish years your time) I hope I see the world the way you saw it, I hope to unconditionally love and help the people around the way you did, and just so you know bro, the name Abby will never be the same to me ever again. 😂 Thanks Jax. Not entirely sure why I got to ride this ride with you, from day one until the final season; I finally accepted that today. That happened. (Shout out @rothenberg.jason and @the100writers, I could copy and paste this entire post and write it to you) I couldn't be more honored Jackson, that all your seasons get to continue on, on whatever streaming service that decides to keep you. Thanks @netflix ! The life you have given me has been surreal and without you none of this would have been possible. I owe you the friends I've made, the places I've seen, the people I was lucky enough to work with, and the sensational stories we were able to tell. I will pay you back by living my life the way you'd wish you could, if you were under less endless, continual, and imminent threat. If I learned anything from you, it's that being around good people and the people you love, even in the direst of circumstances, is the only way to get through life and the hard times. Find those people and make them your every day. Anyway, I'm going to stop because this is a really eye-rolly post man... You know what, fuck it. I'm saying goodbye to the best guy I know today and you deserve it. (And I know you love crap like this, you're such a sap dude) I love you Eric. #The100

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Executive producer Kim Shumway also tweeted from the set of the series finale, writing, "I'm on set for #The100 series finale. When a character wraps (their run on the series ends), the entire crew gathers to clap them out, wish them farewell. We had our first such character wrap tonight, a bittersweet moment. It's the beginning of the end."

Rothenberg tweeted one last time after filming had wrapped with series star Eliza Taylor, saying, "Just left set with the great @MisElizaJane and I have to say... she's a treasure. Leaving the place we built together for the last time was a special but bittersweet moment. #The100."

The 100 will return Wednesday, May 20 at 8/7c on The CW.