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The 100's Jason Rothenberg Says 'Sh-- Is Hitting the Fan' in the Season 6 Finale

He also promises "an ending that is worthy of the show" in Season 7

Lindsay MacDonald

If you thought The 100 changed the game with its Season 5 finale, you should probably batten down the hatches in anticipation of Tuesday's Season 6 finale, because the stakes are about to get even higher.

Having just seen her mother murdered and then body-snatched, Clarke (Eliza Taylor) will be dealing with that intense grief while also trying to keep up the Josephine ruse in order to save the friends and family she has left. Needless to say, it's going to push her to some pretty extreme places.

"Obviously Clarke is reeling and still has to keep it together," showrunner Jason Rothenberg told TV Guide of what's to come. "Clarke is now pretending to be Josephine while sort of functioning with her mother's body in scenes. That is going to make it even harder for her to hold her cover, and to me, that's emotionally the carryover from that story. And on the ground, obviously the sh-- is hitting the fan, and our heroes are stuck in the middle of chaos. Less emotional, equally dangerous."

Viewers' emotions are also going to be quite strong as this year's finale is the beginning of the end for The 100; the Season 6 finale will launch the show straight into its final season.

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"The truth is all good things must end, and I think we have an ending that is worthy of the show, and we don't want to write beyond that," Rothenberg said. "Going to a new world was obviously a huge reinvention, and for us, it was refreshing to be on a new planet. It almost felt like a new show, so creatively, we were like, 'We could keep this going, but again, it's like I read a quote today that was like, 'How many times have you said Season 8 was the best season of the show?'"

There's something to be said for leaving the party before the music cuts off, and since the final 16 episodes in Season 7 will also conveniently allow the show to hit that magic 100th episode marker, it just feels a little too perfect to pass up. And given the shocking twists in store in this year's finale, we can't even imagine what Rothenberg has planned for the end of the series.

The 100 Season 6 finale airs Tuesday, Aug. 6 at 9/8c on The CW.

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Richard Harmon, The 100

Richard Harmon, The 100

Sergei Bachlakov, Sergei Bachlakov/The CW