After he behaved so boorishly on Temptation Island 3 that his girlfriend, Melissa, was forced to hook up with homeboy Jerome, you'd think goofy, girl-crazy Michael wouldn't have any fans. But in this weird world, that isn't the case. "Guys seem to like me a lot," the bartender tells TV Guide Online. "I guess it's because how I acted on the show is the way they would dream of acting, but they don't necessarily have the [stones] to do it!"

Maybe. Then again, it could just be that Michael's fellow men simply were raised better than to breast-knead on national television and use language that was so explicit, it made host Mark L. Walberg blush. Seriously, dude — you kiss your mama with that mouth? "She knows how I am," he insists, chuckling, "and she's very open to sexual conversations. She'll talk about, you know, 'Oh, buy condoms,' or whatever. Just recently, actually...

"My father thought it was hilarious [that I copped a feel on Tiffany]," he adds.

Unfortunately, the wannabe stud's antics didn't amuse his significant other nearly so much. When they were finally reunited after two weeks of debauchery, "I saw the look on her face and knew what the outcome would be," he admits. "But going into this, I figured, if it's meant to be, it's meant to be. And if I find out sooner, rather than later, [that we're incompatible], it's better than being married for two years and getting a divorce then. Plus, I believe in destiny, so I figured, 'What the hell?'

"I would still recommend this experience to everybody," he concludes. "It was a great time."