Oh, that's gotta hurt! The minute that Temptation Island 2 reintroduced blue-eyed babe magnet Brian to Catherine, the bootylicious drama queen not only forgot all about dim-bulb beau Edmundo, she also totally dismissed 24-year-old Rossi Morreale, the daffy sweetheart with whom she'd been bonding. Sure, she later granted the jilted joker a pity date. But afterward, she went right back to canoodling with Brian.

Even more humiliating, it's a safe bet that, in tonight's installment (airing at 9 pm/ET on Fox), the playgirl will send Morreale back to Arkansas and instead invite her boy-toy to join her on the season's final excursion. What's up with that? Is she mental? Masochistic? Blind?! For some insight, TV Guide Online turns to the odd man out.