Though Mark L. Walberg has hosted romance-centered reality series such as Temptation Island and Anything for Love, he also really likes home-improvement shows like While You Were Out. So what better gig for him could there be than presiding over House Rules, the new TBS offering (premiering Oct. 10 at 8 pm/ET) that combines the excitement of room makeovers with the intensity of competitive soon-to-be-weds.

"This show is so cool," he tells TV Guide Online, with so much enthusiasm that he almost makes us forget he's not the least bit impartial. "First of all, it's hardcore redecoration. They're knocking out walls! It's not like Trading Spaces, where you throw some paint and fabric up and buy an art piece.

"Plus, there are relationships [under pressure]," he continues, "in the sense of how stressful it is to be under the gun, timewise and moneywise. Even just picking out paint color... Boy oh boy, that's stressful for these [duos]. Especially when they have to do it not in three days, but in three minutes!"

Whoa, Walberg. What's the rush? House Rules, he explains, isn't just about renovation, it's about domination: The couple who conjures up and nails down the best home redo wins the rad pad in the end. "[The pairs] compete on a Monday for their budget, then go to Lowe's and get their materials, and they have to have a design and an idea immediately, because they have to start work immediately. By Sunday, they're going to be judged on their work, and they have to complete an entire room.

"Thus far," he adds with a chuckle, "we haven't had anybody completely finish and walk away going, 'Okay, this room is done' before time's up. Every week, they're up to the wee hours painting and spackling and all that. So it's a very, very stressful gig for these guys." We'll say. Want to bet we see them all on Temptation Island 4?