Are their days numbered? Are their days numbered?

Question: You have to tell us who's dying on Las Vegas!

Answer: Um, no I don't, Brit. I do, however, have to tell you that contrary to widespread rumors not to mention an item in last week's AA the major character that dies this month will not be murdered. But said death will come as a major shock. "I'll give you two words: Rosalind Shays," teases executive producer Gary Scott Thompson, referring to the L.A. Law villainess who famously fell down an elevator shaft in 1991. "I'm not saying it's an elevator, but it's completely unexpected." And trust me: That's not mere hype. Gary described the scenario to me, and I can safely say it'll be unlike any tube death we've ever seen. This might even top Shays getting shafted, especially since this exit is divided into two equally audacious (and yes, tragic) parts. Phase 1 takes place during the final seconds of the Nov. 21 episode, and, just when you think it couldn't get any more bizarre, Phase 2 occurs in the opening moments on Nov. 28. And to insure that the victim's identity remains a secret, "There have been three different endings written," Thompson says, adding that the license to kill came directly from NBC. "They really wanted us to do something big. And Lost got a lot of mileage out of [bumping off Boone] last year, so that was sort of [what inspired] it."