Question: Please tell me that the CW (the new combined network of WB and UPN) will keep Veronica Mars alive one more season.

Answer: You know that whole Gilmore Girls-Veronica Mars Tuesday block I hinted at earlier? Well, I just e-mailed the idea to Rob Thomas and he wrote back, "That's the exact pitch my agent gave." (And Matt Roush, too!) Great minds anyway, I truly believe in my heart that Mars will be back next year. In fact, UPN prez Dawn Ostroff who will serve as president of CW when it launches next fall was very optimistic about the show's future when I spoke to her last week at press tour. "We really love the show. And the show's doing better this year than it was last year, so that's a big plus. I feel very hopeful. I can't say it'll definitely [be back], but we love the show and we're doing everything we can to bring more viewers in."