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Question: Please, please, please tell me that Gilmore Girls isn't planning to make Lorelai pregnant and then do a whole "Who's the daddy" mystery. That would definitely veer into jump-the-shark territory.

Answer: Allow me to put your mind at ease. Better yet, let show-runner Dave Rosenthal put your mind at ease. "That will not be happening I promise," he says of a potential paternity stumper. "There are no sharks anywhere near our set and there will be no jumping of them." Rosenthal can also promise that within the first couple of episodes, Stars Hollow will experience a bit of a baby boom. Translation: Luke's sister, Liz, isn't the only one expecting. "There will be more than two babies born this season." Oh, and one more thing: "There also will be a marriage this season," he reveals. "I cant say exactly when, but somebodys getting hitched." Send me your guesses! My money's on Paris and Doyle.