Question: Please, please, please, tell me there's no truth to the rumors that Law & Order: SVU might be canceled because of some dumb issue over paychecks!

Answer: I can pretty much guarantee you that it won't be canceled, but it could return next fall with two new leads if NBC doesn't cave into Chris and Mariska's financial demands. A Peacock source I spoke with remains confident that both stars will ultimately be taken "very good care of," but notes that Dick Wolf isn't likely to break the bank since Law & Order shows have been able to weather cast shake-ups before. However, the actors' camps will probably argue that SVU isn't like other L&O shows, where the leads take a backseat to the stories. Chris and Mariska are SVU, and the stories take a backseat to them, as their agents will no doubt contend. And on that point, I have to agree.