Question: You are a television addict's smack. I humbly bow and give thanks for your awesome Lost gift last week. Now, any scoop on James Marsters' deal with Smallville?

Answer: I've never been called a smack before. Hack, yes, but not smack. Regarding Mr. Marsters, as I reported in Entertainment News on Monday, he landed a starring role in Shadow Puppets, a direct-to-DVD spooker that sounds an awful lot like Saw. It's about four people who wake up in an abandoned asylum without any prior memories or knowledge of their whereabouts. They soon discover that they were subjects of an experiment an experiment gone haywire. Tony Todd (Candyman) and Jolene Blalock (Enterprise) costar. The shoot is expected to last five weeks, after which Jimmy is expected to do a few more Smallville episodes.