Teen Wolf Teen Wolf

Ok, it's theory time, Teen Wolf fans.

Last night, the Alpha kicked up some more chaos for the kids of Beacon Hills, all the while remaining in the shadows and still without an actual name. And as the full moon turned Scott into a complete dawg (hooking up with Stiles' crush... bad wolf!) and Allison got way too cozy with creepy-hot Jackson, the identity of this ever-elusive lycanthrope became even more important to our hairy hero, since his only hope for a cure — and a chance to win back his girl — is to kill the beast that bit him in the first place.

Who could the Alpha be? Top contenders so far include the veterinarian Derek was after a few weeks back; Stiles' dad, who has yet to make any headway with the recent killings; and the coach, since that clip from next week's episode sure looks like Stiles is being cornered in the locker room. Then again, maybe we need to think outside the box and be wary of the babes of Beacon Hills. After all, Lydia certainly showed some animalistic urges last night, and Scott's mom seems to work an awful lot of nights.

So who do you think is the big bad wolf around town? Share you ideas in the comments below!