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Teen Wolf: 10 Things We Have to See in the Final Season

So. Much. Derek.

Kaitlin Thomas

Break out your Teen Wolf-themed bingo cards (note to self: create Teen Wolf-themed bingo cards) because MTV finally released a trailer for the epic final season of the supernatural drama Monday. The 10-episode season will see several familiar faces returning to Beacon Hills, including Tyler Hoechlin's Derek Hale, Colton Haynes' Jackson Whittemore, and Charlie Carver's Ethan Steiner. Meanwhile, Dylan O'Brien is also back as the wisecracking Stiles Stilinski, something we weren't sure was going to be possible because of the actor's burgeoning film career.

Based on the trailer and what it reveals of the show's final 10 episodes, we have a lot of questions -- and a lot of things we want to see before the sun sets on Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) and the bloody world of Beacon Hills for good. So here are the top 10 things we HAVE to see when Teen Wolf returns for the final time on Sunday, July 30.

Your favorite 'ship is officially returning for Teen Wolf's final episodes

10. More humor




Like many supernatural shows, Teen Wolf veered into darker territory as it aged. This was fine when it was giving us Void Stiles, but we really miss the show's sense of humor, which was front and center in the early seasons. Bring that back, show, because we'll never get tired of laughing with Scott and Stiles.

9. Derek transforming into a wolf



Before Tyler Hoechlin left Teen Wolf after the show's fourth season, it was revealed that Derek could take the form of an actual wolf. It was hilarious and weird and actual LOL-worthy. And that's really all we can ask from Teen Wolf at this point. So sure, why not bring that ridiculous piece of history back? If it leads to more shirtless Hoechlin, we're here for it.

8. Scott and Malia NOT getting together


In the trailer for Season 6B, it appears that Malia (Shelley Hennig) is making out with Scott in a steamy shower sequence, which is ridiculous on just about every level. We don't know if this is real or if it's a dream, but we do know that it feels a lot like the writers are throwing together two characters who should not be together simply because they were the final two standing at the end. Honestly, we'd rather have Scott be single at the end of the show as he heads off to college than see him hook up with Malia just because.

7. More of Stiles and Lydia's relationship



The evolution of Stiles and Lydia's (Holland Roden) relationship is one of the strongest arcs in Teen Wolf history. After several seasons of deep and honest friendship, Lydia realized she loved Stiles the way he'd loved her since the start of the series. It was her love for him that allowed the pack to find him when he was taken by the Wild Hunt -- and yet the new trailer doesn't feature a single frame of so-called Stydia, choosing instead to (probably) bait fans with the promise of Sterek.

Now, we're as happy as anyone that Stiles and Derek will both be around in the final season -- we have our priorities in order -- but if the show's writers spent an entire season focusing on Stydia and trying to convince us their relationship was somehow greater than the bromance between Scott and Stiles (it's not, for the record) only to pull a How I Met Your Mother and break them up (or worse, ignore them) immediately afterward, we're going to have to fight.

Sorry, Teen Wolf, but Scott and Stiles' bromance trumps Stydia

6. A final showdown with Peter Hale



Peter Hale (Ian Bohen) was the show's very first antagonist -- he gave Scott the bite that turned him into, ahem, a teen wolf. Over the course of the series, he's teamed up with the pack when it suited him and taken off to save his own hide when it didn't. At this point he's really only sticking around because of Malia, who is his daughter. If this season is zeroing in on the nostalgia factor -- and the return of several major characters hints that it is -- then it should only make sense that Scott and Peter will also face off one last time. It doesn't have to mean that Peter is the Big Bad of the final season (though we wouldn't be mad if that turned out to be true), just that we want to see Scott and Peter clash one final time before it's all over. #TeamPeterHale4Ever

5. Derek as a sexy werewolf hobo



The one constant in Teen Wolf history is Derek Hale living the life of a hobo -- a chic and sexy hobo, but a hobo nonetheless. During the show's first season, he did his shirtless pull-ups in the same house that was ravaged by a fire that killed most of his family. After that he moved into what appeared to be an old subway car (inside a warehouse, of course) despite the fact we're pretty sure Beacon Hills is too small for a mass transit system of any kind. In the third season, Derek moved on up to a dodgy loft that was still nicer than anything someone who writes about TV for a living can afford. So where will he hang his hat this time? We're crossing our fingers that it's in a van down by the river.

4. Answers as to where the people who (probably) aren't returning are now



The high cast turnover of Teen Wolf became a sad running joke amongst the show's fans over the years. While we'd like to see a number of past characters make surprise cameos before the end, we'd also settle for just knowing what happened to them. For instance, what happened to Danny (Keahu Kahuanui)? Did he graduate? Is he happy? And what is Isaac (Daniel Sharman) up to? Did Papa Argent (JR Bourne) just leave him to fend for himself in France? What if he was strangled to death by one of his many, many scarves? On the female front, is Kira (Arden Cho) still out in the desert? And hey, how's Cora? You know, Derek's younger sister played by Adelaide Kane who "went to South America" once the actress was cast on The CW's now canceled Reign?

Teen Wolf star takes lead role in Syfy's Channel Zero Season 3

3. Lydia to get her own storyline



We've said it before and we'll say it again: Lydia -- one of the few remaining original characters -- deserves far more than she's ever received from Teen Wolf. Even after she upgraded her powers and was able to use her screams in physical combat, Lydia never really reached her full potential. These are the final 10 episodes ever, and the show's smartest, most evolved character -- male or female -- should have more to do than just wander in empty hallways while looking into middle distance so she can provide exposition to the hero. Lydia is more than this. She is more than just her love for Stiles. And she deserves to have her own storyline worthy of her talents.

2. At least one major character death



Death is a major part of living in Beacon Hills. We already know, thanks to series star Linden Ashby, who plays Sheriff Stilinski, that a lot of people are going to die this season. But what does this even mean? A lot of people die on Teen Wolf every season. If this is the end, the series really needs to go all in and kill off at least one major character. And Roscoe the Jeep does not count.

1. An appearance from Allison Argent



Allison Argent's death at the end of the show's third season remains the single most heartbreaking moment of Teen Wolf's six-season run. At the time Crystal Reed had asked to be written out of the series to focus on other projects. Since then Reed has returned once -- to portray Allison's ancestor in Season 5. But we need to see an appearance from Reed as Allison before the show signs off for good. She was Scott's first love and one of the reasons he is the man he he is today. But Allison was also more than a simple love interest; she became a true heroine in her own right before she died. So we don't care how Reed returns, whether it's in a never-before-seen flashback or as a ghostly presence seen by Lydia, just that she does.

Teen Wolf's final season premieres Sunday, July 30 at 8/7c on MTV.