The second half of Teen Wolf's final season hasn't even premiered yet, but Holland Roden — who plays Lydia on MTV's supernatural series — has already snagged a lead role in Syfy's anthology series, Channel Zero, according to Deadline.

The second season of the creeptastic Channel Zero will focus on the No-End house "creepypasta" — a horror story/myth spread around on the internet, for those not constantly on 4chan — but so far Season 3 has no official theme or description yet.

Roden is set to star as Zoe Woods, a young woman whose struggle with mental illness has worn her down over the years. The other lead role of the season has gone to Brandon Scott (Guerilla), who will play Officer Luke Vanczyk. Season 2 is set to air in October 2017, with Season 3 likely premiere in the fall of 2018.

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So far, Roden is the first Teen Wolf alum to book a major role since wrapping the MTV hit show back in March.