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The 9 Craziest Moments in Teen Wolf History

Sexual healing?

Kaitlin Thomas

Oh, Teen Wolf. You magical, weird, funny, ridiculous and frustrating piece of art, you. How do we even begin to describe the weird things that have taken place in Beacon Hills over the years? How do we begin to process the crazy things you're still promising, like Scott (Tyler Posey) and Malia's (Shelley Hennig) romance? Will people have us committed to the equivalent of Eichen House if we even attempt to explain all of these things out loud? Eh, who cares. We'll risk it.

As the final season of the supernatural series approaches -- this is not including the reboot or podcasts that MTV apparently wants to do -- we're celebrating the craziest things Teen Wolf has ever done. After all, if we don't do it, how will all the future teen wolves know what happened?

Let's get to it!

9. Kate Argent "returns" from the dead.


Jill Wagner, Teen Wolf


Allison's (Crystal Reed) potentially sociopathic aunt Kate (Jill Wagner) died in Season 1 when her throat was slashed by Peter Hale (Ian Bohen). However, she returned in Season 4 and it was revealed she'd actually been turned into a werejaguar. Everyone sort of just shrugged and said OK while also agreeing that it was crazy.

8. A CGI werewolf attacks a DVD rental store.


Colton Haynes, Teen Wolf


Remember when Teen Wolf tried to convince us that teenagers like Jackson (Colton Haynes) were still renting movies from wannabe Blockbusters in 2011? And remember how Peter was a CGI monster until the show was like LOL, JUST KIDDING?

7. Derek de-ages to High School Derek.


Ian Nelson, Teen Wolf


One of the weirdest and craziest things Teen Wolf did during its six-season run was feature Kate Argent de-aging Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) to his high school years -- to a time when he would still trust her -- so he would open the Hale vault for her. It made women everywhere feel weird about their life choices and wonder what they did to deserve a Derek not played by Tyler Hoechlin. He soon returned to his normal age and his facial hair was totally fine.

6. Meredith is behind the dead pool.


Ian Bohen, Ryan Kelley and Maya Eshet, Teen Wolf


We're not sure if this falls under crazy or confusing, but after an entire season of the pack facing off against professional hit men who wanted to kill them for money, it was revealed that the banshee Meredith (Maya Eshet) was behind the dead pool. Her reasoning was that she could hear Peter's thoughts while he was in a coma and thought it was what he wanted. Peter had no idea what she was talking about and everyone shrugged it off like it was not a big deal afterward. What the hell kind of resolution is that? No. Seriously. We want to know who came up with this and thought it was a reasonable way out.

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5. Derek has sex and is magically healed.


One time Derek was severely injured and could barely move but somehow found the energy for sex with Jennifer Blake (Haley Webb). She would eventually be revealed to be the Darach, but who cares, if sex will magically fix all your gaping wounds!

4. A snake comes out of Jackson's eye.


Colton Haynes, Teen Wolf


Yeah, we still have not recovered from this and we're really sorry we brought it up again now.

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3. Void Stiles barfs up Real Stiles.


Dylan O'Brien, Teen Wolf


We demand to know who in the writers' room was like "Hey, I have a neato idea. Let's make Dylan O'Brien puke up a nasty never-ending bandage as Void Stiles, but then SURPRISE, it will be revealed that the real Stiles is in the pile of bandages dressed as the Nogitsune." WHAT. WHO DID THIS?

2. The Twins merge into one mega alpha.


Twins Aiden (Max Carver) and Ethan (Charlie Carver) arrived in Beacon Hills during the show's third season and were part of a pack of alphas causing a ruckus. They were pretty dangerous when they were apart but even more dangerous when they merged into one mega alpha via some potentially implied incest. We still don't really know what was going on there, but somehow this made sense? Maybe?

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1. Peter Hale is resurrected via memories and moonlight... or something.


The craziest thing that has ever happened on Teen Wolf was the resurrection of Peter Hale. After being killed by Derek in the show's first season, everyone's favorite villain returned near the end of Season 2 through a series of complicated steps performed by Lydia. You see, when Peter bit Lydia (Holland Roden) in Season 1, he implanted his memories in her, which then manifested as hallucinations of a younger version of himself, who would tell Lydia how to bring him back. She gathered everything essential for his resurrection, including Peter's corpse under the Hale house, an unconscious but alpha Derek and ... moonlight? Yeah, this dude was brought back to life by the power of the moon. Werewolves, am I right?

Teen Wolf's final season premieres Sunday, July 30 at 8/7c on MTV.