Even though Toni got eliminated from Fox's Paradise Hotel last week, we'll still be glued to the tube tonight and Wednesday at 9 ET. (We can't wait to see underdogs Charla, Dave and Keith stick it to the catty original clique!) However, it won't be the same without the onetime Love Cruise passenger's temper tantrums and crying jags. Thank goodness we can look forward to seeing her again soon on another reality show... or can we?

"God, no!" the volatile 29-year-old tells TV Guide Online. "I think the world's had enough of Toni. I think they've overdosed on Toni, and they want me out. They're done with me. I don't think the world would miss me if I was gone."

But... but what about us, the personal trainer's throngs of admirers who have shuddered at her every threat and chortled over her frequent meltdowns? "For the most part, the people that have loved me being back on TV, it's really appreciated and very cool," she says, adding with a laugh, "But at this point, I'm even sick of me!" (Or so she thinks; just wait till she gets to the episode in which Alex pukes after a makeout session or Beau has to reassure her that pushing 30 isn't quite as bad as pushing up daisies.)

Surely, the vixen is at least willing to hold out at least some hope to her groupies. If she doesn't want to sign on long-term to do the next Surreal Life or, say, an All-Star Big Brother, wouldn't she do a quickie like Fear Factor, even? "No," she insists. "I would suck on Fear Factor, anyway, because I'm afraid of bugs. You should have seen me running around [the hotel], going, 'Oh my Gawd!' and freaking out. So no, I'm done."