Taye Diggs is having a baby! Okay, so maybe it's only on Kevin Hill, his new UPN drama about a hotshot hipster lawyer who inherits a child. But still, babies will be held by the gorgeous guy who helped millions of women (not just Stella!) get their grooves back. Here, we talk to the fine Mr. Diggs about the real and imagined children in his life.

TV Guide Online: Is it true what they say — that you should avoid working with kids and animals?
Taye Diggs:
It was challenging just because they are children. They're finicky and they're twins. But in our case it ended up working out okay because one twin was always asleep and the other was always awake and crying. So we just interchanged them.

TVGO: Have you been upstaged by the baby?
I don't think you can be. I'm of the school where you just let the baby be a baby. However the baby's acting, that's just where the scene goes because chances are, in real life, that's what would happen anyway. So I'm always looking forward to the baby having real moments because it just brings that sense of reality to the show.

TVGO: Ah, so that's how you got the real tears!

TVGO: Taye, how would you handle inheriting a baby?
I'd be great. I'm the oldest in my family and I took care of all my brothers and sisters. I love children and I love just chillin' with my wife's nephews. We play, read stories, go to the park. My wife [Tony-winning actress Idina Menzel] and I are talking about kids right now.

TVGO: How many children would you and Idina like to have?
Definitely more than one. And maybe we'll adopt, along with having our own.

TVGO: What do you imagine will be the hardest thing about being a father?
Just letting go. I won't be able to watch the child while it's in school, when she gets to college. I don't want to be the type of parent that worries too much. But I can't imagine not worrying

TVGO: So you'll be a dad who cries on the first day of kindergarten?

Kevin Hill debuts on Sept. 29 at 9 pm/ET on UPN.