It's a problem — an unfortunate trend, if you will — that affects more and more theatrical releases these days: trailers/commercials that reveal far too much of the film's plot. And while the story you're reading now, on this screen, will address how such an affliction has touched the recently released Sweet November, rest assured that no story points will be given away.

Charlize Theron, who co-stars with Keanu Reeves in the romance (a remake of the 1968 film by the same name), is slightly taken aback when advised by TV Guide Online that the film's TV promos spell out just a little too much of what transpires on-screen. "Really?" she asks back, her actor's heart apparently a bit broken. "I didn't know. I haven't seen that [particular commercial]. But I've got a memo... I thought that it had been agreed upon that [too much] not be revealed.

"Then again," she says, with a shoulder shrug, "I'm just an actor."

Actually, according to those who've worked with her, Theron is more than an actor when on the set — she's a breath of fresh air. In addition to beauty, she wields a sharp wit and an infectious sense of playfulness when the cameras aren't rolling.

"I like the process of making movies," she explains, "and I can't stand it when there's like one person who takes it so seriously that he believes our salvation relies on taking it all so seriously. Shooting a film is hard work; it's 16 hours some days, and there is a crew of maybe 80 people at times who are working physically much harder than you, so why not make the experience pleasurable for them?"

However, "I don't think of myself as a practical joker," she insists. Having two-time leading man Reeves with her, though, did make the Sweet November set especially jovial. "He allows me to get away with so much!"

Having her Devil's Advocate leading man again at her side also let the pair skip over the "warming up" process that oftentimes can slow a shoot's start. "It is easier," she says. "Immediately, from day one, we could do the work. I knew that he would be fearless to go certain places with me."