Susan Lucci Susan Lucci

For the first time since the soap's controversial cancellation, All My Children star Susan Lucci discussed getting the bad news on Friday's Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

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In the first clip below, Lucci talks about hearing of the cancellation (apparently, she found out five minutes before the rest of the world), and says that she was told AMC's replacement, a food-centric talk show titled The Chew, would cost 40 percent less to produce. The good news for fans, whom Lucci describes as "on fire" as a result of the cancellation, is that creator Agnes Nixon is back writing the show for its final days. Regarding the fans' fire, though, Lucci says she has "no idea" if a letter-writing campaign will do anything to change the soap's fate.

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In the second clip, Lucci discusses the rumor about her joining the cast of Desperate Housewives. Also, Leno plays a hilarious vintage clip of Erica Kane confronting a grizzly bear that is not to be missed.

Watch la Lucci chat below: