Survivor's diva from Down Under, Jerri Manthey, has an ultimatum for her 26-year-old Barramundi boy toy,

Colby Donaldson: Any hope of a reconciliation rests squarely on his broad shoulders. "He's going to have to be the one to approach me if he wants to reconcile stuff," she tells TV Guide Online. "Otherwise, I'll just move on."

Manthey's indifference stems from recent Survivor episodes in which Donaldson revealed — via on-air confessionals — his true feelings for her. "I was a little bit hurt by some of the stuff he said," she sighs. "I thought some of it was kind of unnecessary, [like] when he said, 'Jerri doesn't deserve to win if for nothing less than the way she's treated people.' I don't know where that came from. Somebody got in his head."

The 30-year-old aspiring actress — whose flirtatious relationship with the Texas-based auto designer injected the sex-starved series with some much-needed spice — admits, however, that Donaldson's betrayal didn't catch her completely off-guard. "I could tell that his feelings towards me had shifted quite a bit even before the merge, but after the merge especially," recalls Manthey, who got the heave-ho on last Thursday's installment. "So, I wasn't entirely shocked, especially because he had voted Mitchell out in the beginning, and that in itself kind of led me to believe he couldn't fully be trusted."

Despite her bruised feelings, Manthey was all smiles last week when she bumped into her former crush at the Los Angeles premiere of Mark Burnett's USA Network adventure series, Eco-Challenge. "It was very friendly," she insists of their impromptu meeting. "I said, 'Hey Colby, what's up?' He gave me a hug... We just kind of chuckled and didn't really talk about anything regarding the show. He was more telling me about his trip to Vegas... just friendly conversation.

"I definitely feel at some point it might be necessary for us to have a conversation [about what transpired], but he's going to have to initiate it — I'm not," she reiterates. "I'm just at the point right now where I could care less."

In fact, Manthey holds out little hope that Donaldson will make the first move. "I would like to think that he wants to be friends, but in a lot of respects, I don't know if he's really the strong kind of personality that would approach me," she says. "I don't expect anything, but if he were to come to me and want to reconcile, I would be more than happy to."