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With only five players remaining, the Foa Foa tribe on Survivor: Samoa had little more than a wing, a prayer and Russell's idol to push the tribe through to a win. Unfortunately, after losing Thursday's reward and immunity challenges, it was Liz Kim that had her flame put out at tribal council. The 33-year-old attorney talked with TVGuide.com about confronting her team's "demoralizing" track record and dealing with her "chauvinistic pig" of a tribe leader, and shared her surprising predictions for who from Foa Foa will and will not make it to the merge.

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TVGuide.com: Were you surprised to get voted off?
Liz Kim: I wasn't that surprised. They talk about blindside, but we only had five people so it wasn't surprising. What I was facing was a unit of two between Russell and Natalie and a unit of two of Mick and Jaison. I was pretty much alone and I knew it was a toss-up. Try as I could, it was very difficult to go and persuade people to change their vote. I was eliminated because I was a serious threat, pure and simple. Especially after finding out Russell had shown the idol to Mick and Jaison, it was really difficult to try to get them into my camp.

TVGuide.com: How frustrating was it to get voted out after Jaison's performance in the immunity challenge?
Liz: That's when I thought I might have a chance, but Russell is a chauvinistic pig. He never wanted to feel like any woman was showing him up. He was intimidated by smart women. If any strong woman confronted him, she had to go. We saw that with Marisa, Betsy, then myself. At the end of the day, however weak Jaison was in that challenge, he was still a guy and Russell would have rather a guy than a strong woman who isn't afraid to speak her mind and call him out. It was hard, an uphill battle. He kept Natalie around even though she's a woman because she'll just do whatever he says and he says that.

TVGuide.com: If you could go back, would you change your strategy knowing what made you a threat to the rest of your tribe?
Liz: My biggest regret is calling Russell out and telling him he was lying to me. I probably wouldn't have done that. When Ashley was still around, I would have tried to get the blondes to form an alliance to force a tie vote three to three. Short of that, I would have tried to work on Mick and Jaison to see the merit of blindsiding Russell because he has the idol. It's difficult because it's precisely because he has the idol that Mick and Jaison were difficult to persuade.

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TVGuide.com: How frustrating was it to lose so many challenges on Foa Foa?
Liz: I definitely learned that giving 110 percent is not enough sometimes. I felt like losing all the time, it de-motivates you. I left feeling very deflated, frustrated, exhausted, exasperated. It was almost like Foa Foa personified Murphy's Law. Even when we caught a lead, something always went wrong and we lost. It's really hard to wrap your head around because I'm not a loser. I like winning. Who doesn't like winning? Given our team, by the time we were down to five, we had a strong enough team that was there no reason we couldn't have won. It makes it really, really hard.

TVGuide.com: Why do you think you deserved to stay more than Natalie, who seemed to frustrate you a lot in this last episode?
Liz: Natalie is useless around the tribe. She's helpful to the extent that she doesn't complain and she's sweet ... but physically, it was very difficult. I felt like I was pulling most of the weight for all the women on the tribe and for her when it was down to five. It very hard to see I was alone. I just had to try to hang my hat with the guys because I didn't think Natalie was that helpful around camp or in the challenges. Then to know my head was on the chopping block against hers. If anybody deserves to stay, it was me clearly. I tried to impress that upon Mick and Jaison, but at the end of the day, it's a social game. She was docile enough and non-confrontational enough that Russell was not threatened by her and wanted to take her to the end.

TVGuide.com: What do you predict happening with the merge next week?
Liz I think Mick has a chance. I think Natalie has a chance. I don't think Russell or Jaison are going to make it. I do hope that someone from Foa Foa makes it to the finals because I'd like to think I was a sacrificial lamb. If we had even won one challenge, I would have gone into the merge and deep into the game. I was set up for the individual challenges. I would have definitely flipped; there's no doubt about it. I had no one left in my camp to trust. At that point with the merge, it would have definitely been a new game. I would have had no problem flipping and trying to forge an alliance with somebody from Galu.