CBS should have extended its current gag order to include Survivor's 16 original castaways. Kelly Wiglesworth — the 23-year-old ex-Palau Tigan who lost the $1 million booty to naked Richard Hatch and who received a now-legendary tongue-lashing from redneck Susan Hawk — believes she has the inside track on who won't be going the distance on Survivor: The Australian Outback (premiering Sunday following the Super Bowl).

As Wiglesworth confides, she recently met Outback contestant Jerri Manthey, and on close inspection determined that, well, she's a big ol' loser. "I don't think she won," Wiglesworth tells TV Guide Online. "She did not say a word to me... She could be the [winner] for all I know. But personally, I just got the vibe that she didn't win."

Wiglesworth and her former Survivor buds Dirk Been, Joel Klug and Gervase Peterson invited Manthey — a 30-year-old actress who played Vincent D'Onofrio's wife in the 1999 Showtime movie That Championship Season — out to dinner in Los Angeles to "welcome her to the family."

"She's a cool chick," Wiglesworth offers. "I gave her a hug and said, 'How are you doing? Are you feeling okay?' It's like we didn't even have to say anything. Anybody that goes through that knows the deal."

Wiglesworth — who will put her skills as an outdoor guide to good use as co-host of E! Entertainment Television's upcoming series Celebrity Adventures (think Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous on safari) — probably won't be breaking bread with her old nemesis Hawk anytime soon. When asked if the two have kept in touch, she makes it clear that, although they called a truce following their snake/rat showdown, the hatchet is far from buried.

"Sue's driving her cement truck in Wisconsin, I have a job [with E!] where I get paid to travel around the world," she says. "I think that's the best revenge. I don't need to say anything about her, I don't need to do anything to her, I just need to live my life and be happy and let her wallow in her own mistakes."

TV Guide Online proceeded to inform Wiglesworth that Hawk in fact is attached to the TNN pilot Pop Across America, a talk show that travels throughout the country on a flatbed truck driven by the tapioca lovin' big mouth herself. "Oh, tune in for that!" Wiglesworth laughs, before adding, "Good for her. Congratulations. That's great... I guess."