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Two years ago on Survivor: Gabon, Jessica "Sugar" Kiper made it to the final three, thanks in part to the large amount of time she spent on Exile Island. Not only did she find an important hidden immunity idol on the island, but she was able to peacefully remove herself from the competition and make it to the finals without any aggressive strategy. On Survivor: Heroes and Villains, she wasn't so lucky, becoming the first castoff of the new season after getting too close for comfort with some of her fellow Heroes (namely a very irritated Colby). Sugar talked with about her supposed flirtation with Colby, her emotion after losing the immunity challenge and her failed alliances.

Check out photos from Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains You sounded a bit relieved to go home. Did you have second thoughts about returning to Survivor once the game started?
Jessica "Sugar" Kiper: When I first got the call, I said, "If I'm the first person voted out, is this any better than a normal season?" I did so well so easily on Gabon, because I had guidance or the luck of the gods. So I figured if it's brutal and if I go home early, maybe it's payback for getting so lucky in Gabon. Do not go into things with that attitude. But I actually did try this year and that might have been my mistake too. People seemed to vote you out because they thought you were annoying. The cameras showed you spending a lot of time with Colby. Can you talk about that?
Sugar: I did gravitate toward other people more. The person I was gravitating toward, we were on purpose not talking, but there are points when we talked. They didn't use it because that didn't play out ... I had no interest in Colby. So you were trying to forge an alliance with him?
Sugar: I also separately talked with Rupert; me and Tom had a conversation, but nobody helped me out like they said they would, so it didn't play out.

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains: A battle 10 years in the making Was there someone else you were telling people to vote for even after you had trouble with the puzzle?
Sugar: I was gearing toward Amanda because she was one of the Micronesia five. I was trying the best I could. I really did try to play this time from the beginning. You got very emotional after your tribe lost the second challenge. What was running through your mind at the time that made you that upset?
Sugar: I did not singlehandedly ruin that puzzle because that's impossible, but I'm fine that they cut it that way because that makes sense that that's why I left. I was upset when we lost the puzzle because I knew the likelihood of me going home was very great because I'm one of the weaker girls ... It's kind of hard keeping my emotions in and I was very sad and I knew I was probably going home. Do you think you would have lasted longer if someone else from your season was on the Heroes team?
Sugar: It would only matter if they were on the Heroes team and I doubt Ace [Gordon] would have been on the Heroes team. Maybe Bob [Crowley]. Bob owes me a couple lives. Do you think that bond gives certain people a long-term advantage?
Sugar: Yeah, definitely. I did feel alone, but I was OK with that because on Gabon, I felt completely alone. I was on the exile team. [Laughs] I really did think I was forming bonds with Tom and beforehand with Rupert, but it's Survivor, you know? During your time on the island, did anyone on your team strike you as more of a villain than a hero?
Sugar: I didn't see everyone's seasons, so I didn't know exactly why everyone was where they were. There were definitely people on my team that I didn't feel [were heroes]. I mean, like Rupert, Colby and Tom are good guys, but I don't think they're all good guys; I liked half of the villains. Is it hard being the first to go? Would you do it over again?
Sugar: Better to be the first one to leave from Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains than some normal game. The fact that I got to go back to begin with was a huge honor. Of course I'd do it again. I don't know anybody that could have gone that would have turned it down.