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If she had it to do over again, Kelley Wentworth would opt to play Survivor on her own.

The latest person to be voted off of Survivor: San Juan del Sur — Blood vs. Water, Wentworth was sent to the island with her dad, Dale. And she says it was that pairing that led to her downfall.

"There's a part of me that wishes I didn't play with my dad," Wentworth tells "It's so hard to have a loved one out there. You're not just worrying about yourself. You're worrying about them. And it makes it just that much more difficult, because Survivor really is a solo game and there is only one winner."

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Read our full Q&A with Kelley to find out what really went down between Dale and Missy, how Kelley thinks Jeff Probst should handle next week's rice dilemma, and why she has beef with Baylor. It seemed like you were kind of trying to play mediator between your dad and Missy over the rice. Did anything happen between them that we didn't get to see?
It actually wasn't as big a deal as it seemed. I watched some of the other clips and it seemed like Missy really was getting in a fit about it. But there were other things going on. There was one point where Baylor, like, took the community spoon and was licking the rice off it. Just stuff that you don't do when you're with other people. And I know that Missy was defending her and I was taking my dad's side, but pretty much everything you saw was what happened. ... It never got to the point where people were yelling at each other or in a confrontation or anything of that sort. I kind of pulled him to the side before it got there, because I did not want either one of us to have a bull's-eye on our back.

Tell me about the rice situation on Hunahpu while you were there. Did you feel like you guys were eating too much? Were there discussions about it?
Oh, heck yeah. I'm a fan [of Survivor]. I've seen tribes go down in flames because they eat all their food in the first 10 days. So, Missy's there stirring the rice every day. And I would say to them, when she was putting in the scoops, like, 'Hey guys, we're running a little bit low. Maybe we should start eating once or day, or maybe we should be making less. We should not be making pots of rice when there's extra rice that people don't want to eat because they're too full.' Like, that's absolutely ridiculous. Unfortunately, I could only say so much about that because I didn't want to put a target on my back, being the one that was the bossy one, or trying to make all the decisions. So, I mentioned it a few times and before the tribe swap, there were about four scoops of rice left. And I knew it was going to be a problem for whoever was left on that tribe.

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So in terms of the food, were you actually kind of relieved to be out of Hunahpu?
It's funny: I was relieved to be out of the rice situation, but at the same time, based on who I was on the new tribe with, I was like, I will starve. I will eat snails all day. I just want to be back on Hunahpu beach. That's all I want right now. All of my alliance members were still on Hunahpu. Jeremy and Natalie I was super close with, and they obviously weren't there with me. A lot of people maybe don't know this, but I was gunning for Jonbefore Drew because I knew that he and Jaclyn would be a huge threat come the Merge. So I had said to Jeremy, we have to get out Jon. And Jon caught wind of that via Missy, so Jon and Missy were very tight. There were just things that I could not overcome, based on what had already happened a few days before. I was totally screwed.

You mentioned getting Drew out. How did it feel to carry out a blindside?
A-mazing. ... Jeremy and Natalie and myself, we had conversations way before we lost, or threw, the immunity challenge. We had discussed getting Jon or Drew out because they were super close, and we knew if their loved ones stayed in the game, come the Merge, that's four people that we'd have to worry about. So we had talked about getting Drew and Jon out a few days before that Tribal Council. And so, that's why you saw five votes, because it had already been decided. We weren't scrambling trying to get out Drew. We had already thought about it. He obviously came after me, which he was probably smart to do so, because I was flying under the radar. And he did it in a really stupid way. So, our plan worked out. We were all good to go.

Back to this week: When you swapped tribes were you disappointed your dad hadn't formed any alliances?
Yeah. When I hit the beach, all the couples went off and talked and I went off with him obviously, and I said, 'Hey, dad, do you have anyone over here? Even someone that you trust a little bit? Because we can work on them.' And he said, 'Gosh, I really don't. I'm not close to either of these girls.' I'm like, crap. And then he asked me the same thing and I said, 'Gosh, you know, Missy voted with me but I wanted to get Jon out and Missy knew and told Jon I wanted to get him out. So, I feel like I don't really have anybody either.' So, I can't blame my dad because I didn't have any alliance members either. It wasn't like I came in and he screwed everything up. It just was the way the swap happened. It just happened to be people that we weren't close to. It was just really, really unfortunate.

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Heading into tribal, how confident were you that Jon and Jaclyn were with you and your dad?
I was not confident at all. I knew it was between me and Baylor because I was a little bit stronger than my dad. And I knew that Jon and Jaclyn were the deciding votes.Keith was out of it. He has no clue what's going on. I knew that it was going to be me. Right before Tribal, about an hour before, people wouldn't even talk to me. I was trying to talk to people and they were just running around with their heads down. So I was like, "Oh, well, it's gotta be me because they're not speaking to me."

Why do you think they decided to vote for you and not your dad?
Jon and Missy knew that I had alliances on the other side in Jeremy and Natalie. And so, having voted out my dad, that would have been great for them — but if we had made it a few more votes and I made the Merge, I wasn't sticking with Jon and Missy. Hell no. So, they knew that I would go back to my original alliance members, maybe get some of the other singles, and take them out. My dad didn't really have an alliance with anyone at that point. So, he's an easy vote down the line. Once they got me out, who's he going to go team up with? Nobody.

It really seems like Baylor has been gunning for your dad since Week 1.
I honestly think she may have some daddy issues because of things that happened with her mom. I just think she's not a fan of older men in that type of fatherly role. I hate to say that, but it just seems that way because why else? He did nothing to wrong her. It doesn't make sense. She's just a little bit spoiled and that's fine.

What happened in the challenge that brought you to Tribal in the first place? You guys could not get it together.
Ugh, a mess. A total mess. Looking back, I almost wonder if Missy or someone threw that to get us out. Maybe I'm just speculating, I don't know. But we just could not find the bag in the sand for the life of us. We dug and dug and dug and couldn't find it. And we were just way too far behind. We couldn't recover. ... Even walking on the beach is exhausting. So when you're doing those challenges, it literally took everything within me to just keep digging. ... Everyone's so exhausted, and everyone wants to win so you're doing your best. But it's really just very, very hard.

Was there any discussion back at camp about how poorly the challenge went?
I think once we got back to camp we just kind of all were like, "Oh gosh, here we go." This damn Coyopa tribe is cursed. I don't know what is wrong, but it is just like the devil tribe. We didn't' really talk about it. It wasn't like anyone blamed anyone. I almost wish it would have been a challenge where there was like one person that lost it, because I really could have used that as a case against them to get them out instead of me. But it really was a team effort, and there wasn't one person that lost it.

What's going to happen with the rice crisis next week?
You know what? Jeff should say, 'Too bad.' ... They should just suffer. That's the name of the game.

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