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Survivor: San Juan del Sur — Blood vs. Water fans who tuned in Wednesday night got a crash course in how not to play the game from Drew Christy, who alienated his tribe members, threw a challenge, and made a misguided attempt to bargain with Jeff Probst over the course of the hour — before finally getting his torch snuffed at the evening's Tribal Council.

The irony that Drew got voted out at a Tribal Council that his tribe attended only because he intentionally lost the immunity challenge for them is not lost on the first-time Survivor player.

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"I definitely made some detrimental mistakes, starting with throwing the challenge," Christy tells TVGuide.com. "I was a little bit overconfident and delusional, a little bit cocky with some things that I said and was doing out there."

Read our full Q&A with Christy to find out who else was in on his plan to throw the challenge, as well as what you didn't see from last night's Tribal Council.

TVGuide.com: Obviously your plans kind of backfired a bit last night. Looking back, what would you have done differently?
I shouldn't have thrown the challenge. I think I kind of pissed off the producers and I kind of shot myself in the foot with that. I was definitely delusional with no sleep and no water. ... I also said some things I regretted afterwards. ... But I was also fighting the elements for 10 days and kind of lost my mind a little bit, turned into a looney toon. It was actually kind of hard for me to watch last night.

The way the episode was edited together was definitely not very flattering for you.
[Laughs] To say the least. [My cockiness] was definitely a bit of an act. I think I was threatening to some of those people out there, and I kind of learned a little bit about myself and grew a little bit of respect for the game. There was definitely a lot of things that went on out there that weren't shown.

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Like what?
They kind of showed me being, like, the lazy, cocky guy and kind of made it seem like I wasn't cool with everybody, but I really was. I was good friends with pretty much everybody out there and helped all the girls open coconuts so they could drink, got firewood, built the whole shelter pretty much. I just was a pretty cool, calm and collected guy out there and was making the best time of it until Day Number 11, when I played way too hard too early in the game. The second you think you have it all figured out, you realize you don't.

You and Kelley definitely seemed to not get along.
There was definitely some tension with me and Kelley. First off, we were getting portions of rice and I was getting the same size portion as she was. And she was kind of very opinionated like I am. We just kind of butted heads. I knew that she was gunning for myself or Jon or one of the other strong players that was in my alliance. I really wasn't having it, so I was kind of gunning for her rather than just taking the easy road and just [doing] the vote that everybody wanted to do, which was either Reed or Julie. So, that kind of backfired on me and here I sit, a loser on Survivor. You can't win everything.

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You talked about there being "snakes" in your tribe. Who besides Kelley did you perceive as a threat?
I really didn't see anybody else being a huge threat to me at that time. That's why I was so opinionated and so strong-minded on voting Kelley off. Jeremy wanted to vote off Keith, and Keith was pretty much with me. I was cool with Keith and he wasn't going to write my name down. Jon wanted to vote out Julie. I knew Julie wasn't going to win the game. I knew we could just drag her to the end and get her to vote with us. So, really the only other person was Reed, and Reed turned out to be a pretty cool guy later in the game. The first few days he was kind of on everybody's nerves, and after that I was kind of cool with Reed, so I didn't want to write his name down. So I was really strong on Kelley and it just wasn't the right thing. Everybody else wasn't having it.

Tribal Council overall was a bit of a mess, with four people getting votes.
Our whole tribe was a hot mess. I was the leader of it, so if that means anything ... [Laughs].

What did you think when you heard Jeff say your name at Tribal Council?
I knew I was going home whenever I saw my name written down just once. Things change so fast out there. That's what everybody doesn't understand. There's so much more dynamic to these relationships. There's so much that happens at Tribal Council that kind of changes people's minds around. Jeff will question you and kind of manipulate you to think different things. You'll walk into Tribal thinking you're going to vote one person, and it's easy to write somebody else's name down after all the conversation.

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Did anything happen at Tribal Council that we didn't get to see?
I said that I didn't think Julie deserved to be in the game. I didn't think she carried her own weight. I pretty much called her out on that, and that wasn't shown at all. Even though she's getting the nice, pretty girl edit, that's not really how it was. She wasn't carrying her own weight at all. I was doing a lot of things that I didn't get credit for out there. It's alright. ... Like I said, you kind of live and you learn. My biggest challenge in this game was myself. I think everybody saw that, but hey, I think it made some pretty entertaining TV.

Did anyone on your tribe know or suspect that you threw the challenge?
People knew I threw the challenge. Jeremy and Jon sat out of it, and they were the ones that kind of strategized with me to throw it. You don't sit your best players out on challenges. Jon and Jeremy were definitely our strongest physical players that could have helped us win that challenge. I think that, combined with Exile Island, really just set me back. I was on Exile Island away from my tribe for 24 hours, and that was enough time for me to fall out of the loop with my tribe and my alliance.

Why did you volunteer to go to Exile Island with Jaclyn?
I wanted to go talk with Jaclyn and get to know her, because I knew that if Jon, Jaclyn, Alec and I got together at the merge, it would be a pretty strong four together. I kind of wanted to strategize with her, and I did a lot of that. I believe that if I would have gone a little bit further, that us four would have been a force to reckon with.

Now that we're coming up on the Merge, do you think Alec will be better or worse off without you there?
I think he might actually be better off without me out there, just because there's a little bit of a target off his back. But that being said, he's now a single with a bunch of couples out there. So it's really tough to say.

Any final thoughts?
It was just a really great experience and I'm thankful for it. I made some lifelong friends and memories. ... I really enjoyed it. I definitely came away with some positive things, and it was a humbling experience. So, I'm gonna live and learn and grow from here.

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS. What did you think of Drew's game play on this week's episode?

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